Gaetz, Jordan Give Chris Wray Deadline to Explain Sussman’s Law Firm’s ‘Special Portal’ to FBI

I can hardly wait to see Wray lie over this one.

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U.S. Reps. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) insist that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has some explaining to do.

“We have learned that since March 2012, the FBI approved and facilitated a Secure Work Environment at Perkins Coie’s Washington, D.C. office, which continues to be operational,” the ultra-MAGA duo reportedly wrote to the FBI. “In a letter dated May 25, 2022, the law firm confirmed and acknowledged the arrangement.”

Perkins Coie is the Democrat-connected law firm where Michael Sussmann, the Hillary Clinton campaign attorney who was found not guilty on Tuesday of lying to the FBI by a liberal D.C. federal jury, was a former partner, in a case filed by Russiagate Special Counsel John Durham.

Gaetz had appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on the Fox News Channel to discuss this unprecedented arrangement between a federal law enforcement agency and a legal practice closely affiliated with the Democrat Party that was allegedly disclosed by a whistleblower.

“Our concern is that politically motivated dirt was being converted into politically motivated investigations. That’s why Jim Jordan and I are making demands for answers on [FBI Director] Christopher Wray immediately, and it’s my hope certainly that we shut this facility down,” Gaetz told Carlson on Tuesday evening, claiming that election lawyer Sussmann was allegedly and inexplicably the person in charge of the workspace for a period of time.

……“The congressmen’s letter gives Wray until June 15 to provide information on the workspace, including an explanation as to why the FBI approved it in the first place, as well as all documents and communications referring or relating to the establishment, maintenance, and accreditation of the workspace,” Fox News reported.

According to a statement from the FBI, however, there is nothing to see here.

“The FBI complies with the law and security policies and works with the Department of Justice to serve classified, Court-authorized legal process necessary to support national security investigations. In certain instances, the FBI coordinates with non-government, third-party entities, such as law firms, that represent service providers which receive these classified Court orders,” the agency told Fox News.


DNC law firm Perkins Coie has an “FBI workspace” in its DC offices.  And Michael Sussmann is in charge of this FBI workspace.

The FBI’s bullshit answer is definitive proof that the left has weaponized the legal system against those they disagree with politically. Speak out against the Dem autocracy and get persecuted. Play along and get acquitted.

Wray is an unscrupulous douchebag who is in charge of a weaponized jackbooted agency. He hid information that supported President Trump during the bogus impeachment circus.

Wray is just as much of a swamp corruptocrat as his predecessors. He’ll lie and get away with it.


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