Gillibrand Lectures Working Class Poor in Youngstown About “White Privilege”

If there was ever a clear cut example of Dem arrogance and dismissiveness towards their constituents, this is it.

Via Tucker Carlson

……Gillibrand just killed her own presidential campaign. It happened last week in Youngstown, Ohio, famously one of this country’s most economically depressed cities.

A woman came forward to ask a simple question of Sen. Gillibrand. She said, “My community is falling apart, people are dying. They’re impoverished. So, why is the Democratic Party lecturing me about white privilege?”

“The Democratic Party loves to throw around terms like ‘white privilege.’ Now, this is an area that across all demographics, has been depressed because of the loss of its industry and an opioid crisis,” the woman said. “So, what do you have to say to people in this area about so-called white privilege?”

So, this might have been an opportunity for Kirsten Gillibrand. For years, she’s hopped on every ludicrous fad the Democratic Party has offered, no matter what it is, from the #MeToo hysteria, to seizing guns from law-abiding Americans. Just this one time, Gillibrand might have distinguished herself by resisting and choosing the obvious truth over left-wing orthodoxy.

But no, she was afraid to. So Gillibrand did what she assumed she had to do. She stood on the stage and lectured a struggling woman from Youngstown, Ohio, about her white privilege.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y.: “Your suffering is just as important as a black or brown person suffering, but to fix the problems that are happening in the black community, you need far more transformational efforts. So if your son is 15 years old and smokes pot, he smokes pot just as much as the black boys’ neighborhood and the Latino boys’ neighborhood. But that black and brown boy is four times more likely to be arrested. That’s institutional racism. Your son will likely not have to deal with that because he is white. So when someone says white privilege, that’s all they’re talking about. ”

Imagine saying something like that to someone from Youngstown, Ohio. It’s absurd. And it’s not just absurd, it’s cruel. You’d have to be a nasty, cold person to say that, and Gillibrand is. Voters can smell it. She is done.


Trashing angry poor white people who, besides blacks, have also been economically destroyed by Dem policies is pretty fucking crass.

DemProgs have ruled major urban areas for decades, and they keep re-installing the same race-baiting corruptocrats.  Talk about the need for “transformational efforts.” In the black community,  riotslooting, vandalismgang warfare, and murder have become a staple.

There are underlying issues for the crime and poverty in black communities, all of which have been fueled by a political agenda designed to keep them on the Dem plantation.

Gillibrand and the rest of her race-hustling Dem colleagues are all about pandering and pretending to care about minorities as long as they don’t have to deal with them in their own neighborhoods. Liberal politicians are out of touch, smug, arrogant, and effete.

Besides, it’s easier to insult and accuse white voters of ‘privilege’ and ‘racism’ than it is to deal with the consequences of their own policies.




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