Self Loathing: Voters Elect Dems Who Hate Them

Via American Thinker

Kyrsten Sinema might not be able to stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue, shoot someone, and lose no support, but she could and did insult the very voters she was trying to woo and be the next duly-elected senator from the Copper State.

The former Green Party gadfly and 9th Congressional District Representative has at last been declared the winner of Jeff Flake’s departed Senate seat. She’s the first Arizona Democrat to win a Senate election in 30 years.

She’s also the first high-profile politician that I know who spent decades mocking her own constituents as drug-addled nincompoops, only to, in the end, receive their backing. Sinema’s record of contempt for her own people is nonpareil. The way she openly and endlessly complains about the loons in her state is akin to an elderly crank who never stops complaining about the one time the cable company once tried to upcharge him for Showtime.

On multiple occasions, Sinema has referred to her home state as “crazy,” a “meth lab for democracy,” and an accursed place no good ever emerges from. Not once, it seems, did she ever stop to think how this obloquy reflects on her: an Arizonan, after all. One is reminded of Flaubert’s classic quote: “By dint of railing at idiots, one runs the risk of becoming an idiot oneself.”

Despite her best attempts to shower voters with disdain, Sinema defeated her opponent, Martha McSally, a decorated war pilot with the distinction of being the first woman to ever fly a U.S. Air Force combat mission. Perhaps the self-loathing Arizonan was right this whole time: Arizonans went with the pink-tutu accoutered Taliban sympathizer over a distinguished veteran…..

Sinema’s low opinion of Arizona was not hidden. She’s been an elected representative for years. But opposition researchers didn’t disseminate the incriminating clips far and wide until the Senate campaign. Voters knew of their existence. They elected Sinema anyway.

……Like most liberals, she believes her intellect to be far above the average, her tastes more refined than the crude proclivities of the masses.

Which gets to the paradoxical truth about many left-liberals running for public office: Often times, they despise the very people they’re entrusted with representing. In more extreme cases, they’re hostile to the society in which they assume a leading position.

Sinema isn’t the only Democrat with an abiding disgust for her constituents. London Lamar, who was just elected to the Tennessee State House, had to apologize for calling her state “racist” and Republicans “uneducated” in a Facebook video she posted after winning her uncontested race. There was Barack Obama’s infamous quip about bitter laid-off factory workers clinging to “guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them” to make up for their failures. And then there’s the supercilious ice queen herself, Hillary Clinton, decrying Trump’s “basket of deplorables.”



Democrats have demonstrated they have no respect for American citizens, the Bill of Rights, or the Constitution.

The Demleft divides us into two classes of people: Those who believe in the socialist agenda they push, and the unwashed heathens who refuse to buy their shit sandwich.

Now along comes another pompous “educated” assclown to inform the ignorant masses that we just ‘don’t know what’s good for us’. It’s been a recurring theme for the last decade.

The only enlightened people in America live in certain states on the coasts. The rest of us are ‘flyover country‘, inhabited by “regressive right wing, evangelical Christian and working class’ rubes.

We’re just a bunch of dullards who never appreciated the awesomeness of Obama’s corrupt, socialist kleptocracy, and we’re too stupid to understand complicated matters like the economy. The leftwing media elite thinks we’re ungovernable, ill-informed, that there’s too much democracy for our own good,  and if you reside in one of the ‘flyover states’, you’ve got ‘low sloping foreheads’.

Liberals, especially the politicians, are out of touch, smug, arrogant, and effete. They ‘don’t work for the little people‘.

They have a patronizing contempt for the minorities they exploit while using the hyperbole of  ‘white oppression’ to keep them placated on the Dem plantation.

Sinema is just the latest Dem to openly express abject hatred of constituents. In spite of the condescending abuse, they keep putting the same kind of miscreants in office.



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