Helen Thomas: ‘Reporters Should be Liberal’

In a recent interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation:

Helen Thomas: I’m a liberal, I was born a liberal, I’ll be one ’til I die, what else should a reporter be when you see so much and when we have such great privilege and access to the truth?

CBC Interviewer: Well, you know, it’s interesting because I’m sure that if somebody from the right was sitting here they would say… if you ask the question what should a reporter be they will say, “Oh, I don’t know, How about objective?”

Helen Thomas: You’re not asking people not to think not to care are you? But you are asking them to give a fair reporting both sides and so forth and I did it for 57 years I was never, never accused of bias in my copy. But I had a right to be angry and unhappy at the trend that I saw in my country that I was close enough to see.


Hat tip to News Busters: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/warner-todd-huston/2009/01/21/what-else-should-report-be-liberal

She already looks like death warmed over….


Somewhere, a building is missing a gargoyle.

I was never, never accused of bias in my copy.

The truth is, that’s bullshit on stilts.

Everything she’s ever written has been biased…to the Left. And by the way, she resents the bloggers who call out the liberal media for its bias: http://sfcmac.wordpress.com/2008/01/08/helen-thomas-rails-against-bloggers/

Thanks for the biased honesty, Thomas.

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