Hillary Stumbles Like Drunk With a .30 BAC

LMAO!  The only thing missing is the Benny Hill theme.


Okay so that was a hilarious parody, but considering the reality, it isn’t far off:






She can’t climb a short flight of stairs without help from a team of hospital orderlies:


A doctor had to rush on stage  during one of her brain freezes:


Aside from being an unhinged moonbat, she’s got neurological problems. She’s not the only one.   Nancy PelosiMaxine Waters, and Hank Johnson  all exhibit bizarre behavior. She’s in good company.



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2 thoughts on “Hillary Stumbles Like Drunk With a .30 BAC”

  1. How is this corrupt pusbag still walking around free? She makes Capone look like the Pope. Can anyone imagine this crazy loon leading the free world? If Hillary Clinton is the best example of an American woman this country can put forth then lets just let China, Russia and the morally bankrupt left have the country tomorrow. God, what a pathetic excuse for a human being. The only reason she still lives is that even Hell doesn’t want her rotten soul.

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