Kurt Schlichter Reminds Us Our Opponents Are Bat-Shit Crazy

From his article at Townhall


I liked it when the howling loonies started pounding on the bronze doors of the Supreme Court like Brett Kavanaugh was totally going to open them up and invite the freaks in to air their many stupid grievances over a hot cup of Too Damn Bad. I also liked it when Lindsey Graham dissed that silly shrieking harpy as he adjusted his tie and smirked. And I liked it when Jesse Kelly channeled Andrew Breitbart by heading down to the protest with a t-shirt that said “Hands Off My Uterus.” I liked a lot of things about last week, and all of them involved liberal jerks being unhappy.

Their pain feeds my soul.

Now, in the wake of our total victory over the forces of whiny, stupid evil – I’m trying to think of another term to describe people who think the hysterical chicks in The Crucible were the good guys and that Atticus Finch was the bad guy – some voices on the right are cautioning us to be magnanimous. To not be sore winners. To extend a hand of friendship to those who oppose us.

Oh, I’m extending a hand, but only part of one. A single finger. Guess which one.

Good sportsmanship applies to sports. It doesn’t apply to street fights. This was a lynching of a good man for cheap political advantage and it must be punished if we are going to have less of them in the future. If we can increase their agony at losing, then we are hastening the day when they learn that they don’t get to win. Not ever.

They will grow tired of all the losing. We, on the other hand, shall never tire of all the winning.

The Fredocon sissies want to steal the joy of victory from us and replace it with the sort of despondent funk that is their preferred state, because True Conservative™ principles require that if we can’t lose outright we must at least feel like we lost.

Except we didn’t lose. We won. Justice won. We defeated a calculated smear designed to destroy an innocent man in the name of progressive tyranny. And we should be happy. And we should be utterly obnoxious about it. And we should laugh at the howling fools getting minimum wage for chasing wussy, flakey senators around parking lots.

……Then there are the social media blue kooks. Let’s see. Jill Filipovic demanded that Normal women “Divorce your Republican husbands.”

……And there was another Twitter genius who shall remain linkless who suggested to women, “Don’t —- Republican men.” Apparently, some feminists think denying conservative men feminist women is going to make conservative men do less of whatever it is that causes them to be denied feminist women. Normal women will scoff at this admonition; taking erotic advice from a feminist is like taking driving lessons from a Kennedy.


They hate you. Act accordingly.


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