Somali ‘Refugees’ Riot Over Subsidized Housing in Columbus Ohio

The government let them in for this??

From the Columbus Dispatch.

Columbus police used pepper spray to control and disperse a larger-than-expected crowd of people who had gathered at a Northeast Side church yesterday to sign up for a subsidized-housing waiting list.

Authorities said the crowd that gathered at Mount Hermon Missionary Baptist Church, 2283 Sunbury Rd., numbered more than 1,000 and consisted mostly of local Somalis.

They were there because a nearby apartment complex, the Heritage, was holding an event at the church from 8 a.m. until noon to take names for a list for two-bedroom apartments.

Neighbors of the church started calling police about 6:30 a.m. to complain about loud music, blaring car horns and people parking in private driveways, according to police call logs. Some in the crowd started arguing with neighborhood residents, according to subsequent calls to police.

Eventually, someone from Heritage arrived to set up for the event, and police records indicate that the crowd then rushed the doors. That’s when police officers used chemicals to control the crowd. The event was canceled.

……Hassan Omar, the leader of the Somali Community Association of Ohio, said many Somalis already live at Heritage. Columbus is home to the second-largest Somali community in the United States, and housing is a real problem for them, Omar said. Families are large, and many crowd into too-small apartments. Anytime word of a vacancy spreads, people want in, he said.

Check out the dispersed crowd; burkas and all.

We now have foreign “gimmiedats” in addition to the population of citizen derelicts who collect welfare because it’s so much easier than working for a living.  There was a time when immigrants were legal and they actually assimilated into the American melting pot. Now, they just set up enclaves and expect government handouts.

FYI:  The Somali Community Association of Ohio website lists the following facts: 45,000 Somalis live in Ohio; 99.9 percent are Muslim; 40 percent have become U.S. citizens; and 57 percent are eligible to become U.S. citizens, emphasis on the “eligible” part. 

Welcome to the Obamanation of ‘multiculturalism’.

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5 thoughts on “Somali ‘Refugees’ Riot Over Subsidized Housing in Columbus Ohio”

  1. Funny, how dez be jawin bout cuttin da “entitlements” like da social security. But when a body dun worked der whole life and made da contreebutshuns, dey only be gettin back on da invesmint. Dees black somalis dun NEBER put nuthin into SS, yet like a true black , dey have da hand out fer da “gibs me dats” how bout congress be cuttin dem out COMPLETELY to save SS???????

  2. Why do they let them in if they can’t suport themselves?

    If you are a white European. you have to have a job lined up, means of support and a sponsor.

    I doubt any of these somalis had anything even close.

    1. billrow,
      Are you kidding??? My European ancestors didn’t have ANYTHING lined up when they came into this country. They had to work for and earn everything they had. Under the new American welfare state, immigrants, especially illegals, get preferential treatment. They get food stamps, housing, and the Dems often register them to vote. I don’t know of any working American citizen who can hold out their hand and get freebies as easily.

      Those Somalis don’t have to support themselves.

      SFC MAC

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  4. I keep tellin’ ya…it’s in their blood to look for handouts…

    just watch a gorilla in any zoo…or deeeetroit, philly, houston…

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