Neo-Soviet Comrade Putin: ‘Russia’s Military is Strongest’

Thanks, Barky.  This bloviating on the part of an arrogant Russkie leader is part of your ‘legacy’.


From Breitbart.

Russia’s military is now stronger than any potential foe, President Vladimir Putin told an annual end-of-year meeting with the defense ministry on Thursday.

“We can say with certainty: we are stronger now than any potential aggressor,” he told the meeting. “Anyone!”

His comments come at the end of a year when tensions between Russia and the West have remained strained, largely to do with differing approaches to the civil war in Syria.

Tensions between Russia and the West escalated after Russia’s annexation in Crimea in 2014 and its involvement in the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Last year, Russia began an air force operation in Syria to support President Bashar Assad that’s irked the U.S. in particular.

Both Russia and NATO members conducted a flurry of military drills near the Russian border this year. Russia has insisted that it’s bolstering its forces at the border to react to a growing NATO threat.

If we had a REAL LEADER in D.C. instead of a SCOAMF like Obama, a shitbag like Putin wouldn’t think of uttering nonsense like that.

Russia started an offensive against U.S.-backed Syrian rebels last year with a series of airstrikes, and rekindled their old relationship with Iran. Thanks to Barky’s total failure in the Middle East, there’s a resurgence of Islamofascist aggression coupled with Russia establishing a new foothold in hostile Islamic nation-states.

The United States has been rendered effectively pussified for the duration of Obama’s tenure, and Vlad is going to take full advantage.  He is re-arming and building up his weapons stockpiles to levels not seen since the Berlin Wall fell. Oh yeah, and he’s also got the balls to tell the West ‘not to mess with Russia’, something no Russian thug would have gotten away with under Reagan.  It’s no wonder Putin is so brazen. Barky gets bitch-slapped by Putin so often, he’s punch drunk.

Trump needs to address Russian aggression as part of the new foreign policy.

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