Obama’s Pentagon Appointees Flee

Good. Time to drain the E-Ring swamp as well. They were part of Barky’s campaign to cripple the military.

From the Washington Times.

The Pentagon has been stripped of almost all of its political appointees from the Obama administration, but an uncertain Senate future awaits the candidates whom President Trump will nominate to remake the armed forces in his image.

Of Obama’s 163 political appointees at election time, who included Senate-confirmed service secretaries, undersecretaries and assistant secretaries, only 16 remain at the Defense Department, according to a Pentagon statement to The Washington Times.

The exodus might be considered normal in the transfer of power: Political appointees are required to turn in their resignations in December.

But Washington’s bitter political climate is far different today from the last transfer of power in 2009. Senate Democrats are resisting Mr. Trump and his agenda via the confirmation process. There is a chance that some of the Defense Department’s 53 appointed positions requiring Senate confirmation will be vacant for a long time.

The vacancies give Mr. Trump an opportunity to select men and women who will provide the leadership, policies and catalyst for his two main priorities: rebuilding the military and defeating the Islamic State terrorist group.


The lives of military personnel were endangered beyond belief when Barky was “Commander-in-Chief”. That motherfucker  eviscerated the military and made it into a laughing stock.  He  flushed everything we accomplished in Iraq and Afghanistan.  His foreign policy was a fucking embarrassment.

Forget combat readiness; ‘gay rights’, drag shows, deference to Islamofascist theocracy,  demonizing the nation’s founders, and whatever hairstyle you want was his focus. No wonder the enemy is laughing.

Obama’s purge of dedicated, experienced military leaders, was quite extensive.  The warrior ethos became a casualty in Barky’s destruction of the military.

More of the despicable shit they’re responsible for:

Military personnel were instructed to ignore the rape of Afghan children.

Christians in the armed forces were persecuted. Muzzies, not so much.

Good riddance to the shitstains. We now have a Commander-in-Chief who respects the military and will act accordingly.



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