Of Paula Deen and Double Standards (UPDATED)

UPDATE: You’d think after Paula got chummy with Mooshelle, that B. Hussein would have come to her rescue.  Deen dished the dirt on Mooshelle’s voracious eating habits, even though we’re supposed to buy all that crap about eating healthy.

I wonder if Deen voted for Obama.

Paula Deen dropped from the Food Network for telling racial jokes.

Paula Deen has been fired. On June 21, Us Weekly reported that Paula Deen’s contract with the Food Network will not be renewed following her lawsuit and racial slur scandal. It is unclear whether or not the network’s decision to can Deen is directly related to the “N-word” scandal surrounding the chef.
“Food Network will not renew Paula Deen’s contract when it expires at the end of this month,” a Food Network spokeswoman said (via Us Weeky). The statement was short and sweet and didn’t explain much about the decision, but many people think that the timing of her “firing” is suspect.
Did Paula Deen deserved to be fired? Probably not. She hasn’t really done anything “wrong” that would affect her success and throughout this whole thing Deen’s fans have been nothing but supportive. However, the Food Network has decided for whatever reason that Deen isn’t a good fit for them anymore.
As previously reported, Deen issued a public apology and basically begged the public for forgiveness.

Paula Deen gets fired while black entertainers, politicians, and commentators who utter racial epithets are given a pass.
Don’t think so? Get a load of their racism:

Fox News Won’t Fire Black Racist Commentator

Where’s Al Sharpton’s Apology for His Racism?

Shirley Sherrod’s Racism is All in the Family

Liberal Haters Fling Insults at Tim Scott

Black Philly Teacher Tells White Student Romney T-Shirt is Like KKK

Black Sports Commentator Jason Whitlock Compares Thomas Sowell to House Slave

Black ESPN Commentator Stephen A. Smith Says “Nigga Please” While Discussing Kobe Bryant’s Injury

Black Democrat Bobby Rush to Sen. Mark Kirk, a White Republican: You’re “An Upper-Middle-Class, Elitist White Boy”

Racial Double Standards

Black Activist Quanell X and Malik Shabazz Spew Racist Remarks on O’Reilly Factor

And gawd forbid a black person identifies themselves as a Tea Party supporter or conservative. That unleashes a wholesale barrage of filthy epithets and slurs.  But since the ad hominems come out of pieholes with a distinctive shade of melanin, it’s okay.

Those are just a few examples. No outrage from the ‘diverse, tolerant’ Left. No frothing indignation from liberal news commentators or political pundits. No demands for boycotts. No marches, picketing,  or email campaigns. Just excuses and in most cases, silent complicity.

I’m sick of the double standards.

The Food Network and all the other hypocrites can shove it up their ass.

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