Peter Fonda Croaks

Mr. Clint Eastwood sums it up nicely:


Via Fox News

Actor Peter Fonda, who co-wrote and starred in the seminal 1960s counterculture film “Easy Rider,” has died. He was 79.

In a statement obtained by Fox News, Fonda’s family said that the actor  — the son of Henry Fonda and the younger brother of Jane Fonda — died Friday morning at his Los Angeles home after suffering respiratory failure due to lung cancer.



One of Fonda’s last acts was to spew bigoted, misogynist filth at Republicans and patriots over illegal aliens.





Trump Jr. responded:


Too bad Jane is still breathing. One less leftwingut on the planet. Good riddance.

2 thoughts on “Peter Fonda Croaks”

  1. It surprises me that anyone listens to the crap these pretentious Hollywood assholes spew. Who gives a rats ass what Peter, Jane, Woopie, Rosie etc. have to say about anything. Are your lives so shallow that you need someone else to think for you? I could care less what these idiots think. Living in a pretend world, they have no idea what reality is. With each one telling the other how great they are, too many start believing that they are qualified to pontificate to the rest of the world. Im as interested in their opinions as I am in the one the Wal-Mart checkout guy has. As for Peters and others calls for violence, where are the social justice warriors?Where is the outrage? Two faced shitbags all. Let’s hope Peter is spending eternity bent over a chair getting his prostate checked.

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