‘Recreate’ ’68? Oh, Boy…

I remember the violence created by the ‘peace, love, and granola’ crowd at the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago.  Pissed off at the Vietnam War and life in general, they trashed, burned, and rioted in the streets.

All in the name of  “social justice, and “revolution”, of course.

Welcome to 1968, redux:

During the Convention, there will be five major protest, one each day. Each protest will focus on a symptom of the disease of an Imperialist, Capitalist, Racist system as seen in our communities.
Some of the proposed themes are as follows:
Sunday – End All Occupations at Home and Abroad
Monday – Human Rights/Free All Political Prisoners
Tuesday – No Warming
Wednesday – No Borders
Thursday – No Racism/ImperialismAs actions develop, we will post more information!


Link: http://recreate68.org/album1_dnc_001.htm

The raised fist is a nice touch don’t you think?

The goal of “recreate68.org” is to produce as much pandemonium as possible.

I can just imagine what the developing “actions” will be. With any luck, they’ll do to the Democrats in 2008 what they did for them 40 years ago; finish off whatever chance they may have had at the White House.
And hopefully, Denver’s Finest will crack a few heads in the process.

Oh yeah, and not to be outdone, there’s another group based in St. Paul, Minnesota, planning to create upheaval at the RNC convention:

Who We Are
The RNC Welcoming Committee is an anarchist / anti-authoritarian organizing body preparing for the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The Republican National Convention (RNC) is coming to our backyard in September 2008
Feeling angry? Want to do something?
Come to Resisting the RNC: Minnesota Town Hall Organizing Meeting

Link: http://www.nornc.org/

The anarchist contingent in Denver is having a total seizure over a Democratic Party they think isn’t quite radical enough.

Harry Reid, John Murtha, Nancy Pelosi, Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, Pete Stark, Dennis Kucinch….not radical enough.


The malcontents in St. Paul are simply venting the usual animosity toward anything that resembles patriotism and pro-American loyalty.

If the protests go off as planned, it’ll make 1968 look like a picnic.

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