Rolling Stone Reporter Who Smeared General McCrystal, Dies in a Blaze of Glory

Fast sports car+excessive speed=crispy critter.  Good riddance, Hastings.

From the Daily Caller.

Michael Hastings, a 33-year-old reporter for Buzzfeed whose Rolling Stone report on comments made by aides to Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal ended McChrystal’s career, died early Tuesday in an explosive one-car crash in the Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.
Video of the crash scene posted to YouTube shows an extremely fiery aftermath of the fatal wreck, with Hastings’ car burning furiously at 625 N. Highland Ave. The car burns on the median strip outside the office of psychic Madam Mazale.

Rolling Stone also lamented Hastings’ demise, bragging that he  brought “down the career of General Stanley McChrystal.”

Rolling Stone, a death-warmed over magazine from the 70′s, published Hasting’s article titled Runaway General, which involved several weeks of interviews and travel with McChrystal’s tight circle of aides.

They also wrote a hit piece on a handful of  “kill team” Soldiers from the Army’s 5th Stryker Brigade. While an infinite number of muzzie murders and atrocities gets no coverage, bad press involving American armed forces is sensationalized for months.

Evidently, McCrystal was unaware that Rolling Stone is a leftwing/anti-military publication. Jan Wenner and his staff of liberal effete are not prone to portray the military in a positive way.  Ever.

General McCrystal’s anger over President Punchdrunk’s incompetent, half-assed strategy was no secret to begin with. McCrystal just had the audacity to be blunt about it.

McCrystal’s first taste of Obama’s detached  ineptitude happened in 2010.  One of McCrystal’s aides described it:

Obama clearly didn’t know anything about him, who he was. Here’s the guy who’s going to run his fucking war but he didn’t seem very engaged. The boss was pretty disappointed.

An experienced military commander came face to face with a bumbling amateur who had no clue how to run a war and further more, would rather pander to the enemy than fight. But then, Obama’s pretty disengaged all the way around; intellectually, ethically, and morally.

The Soldiers in Afghanistan were understandably pissed:

At one outpost, a Soldier McChrystal had met earlier was killed in a house that the local U.S. commander had repeatedly asked to destroy. The request was denied, apparently out of concern that razing the house would anger locals whose allegiance the U.S. is trying to win.

“Does that make any (expletive) sense?” Pfc. Jared Pautsch asks. “We should just drop a fucking bomb on this place. You sit and ask yourself, ‘What are we doing here?'”

Army NCOs expressed frustration as well, pointing out that the dicked-up ROE and “Karzai’s Rules” were costing American lives and making it difficult to actually kill the enemy.

Not that Obama gave a damn.  After the shit hit the fan, McCrystal was fired. Like other Generals before him, he was booted for telling the truth and holding the hierarchy in Washington accountable.

Obama’s Afghanistan fail has come full circle with his laughable policy of ass-kissing the Taliban.

General Stanley McCrystal has been vindicated.

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