The Dems’ ‘Replacement Theory’ Was Penned by a Dem Senator

It’s called a ‘theory’ but it’s actually a full-out effort.  The Dem Party is trying to replace the American citizen electorate with more obedient voters from the Third World. In order to gain power, they plan to change the fabric and demographic of the country. Even if they have to destroy it.

Western Journal

The basic idea of “replacement” came from the poison pen of Theodore G. Bilbo, a white Democrat who was a two-time governor and a thrice elected U.S. Senator from Mississippi, the Washington Post reported.

For his part, Bilbo proffered his replacement theory strictly on racial grounds claiming that “they” — whomever “they” were — intended to allow blacks to mingle with whites until the white race was blotted out.

This raging racist Democrat went on to claim that whites will be extinct in “300 years,” but so will blacks because everyone’s race will be diluted. Bilbo proclaimed that “the present rate of interbreeding and miscegenation and intermarriage between the [black people] and the whites, that in nine generations, which is only 300 years, there’ll be no whites, there’ll be no blacks in this country.”

When Bilbo went to run for re-election to a third term in the U.S. Senate, Republicans rose to blast him. Republicans including conservative leader Sen. Robert Taft of Ohio called Bilbo “a disgrace to the Senate,” and a large number of religious groups, academics and military veterans joined the GOP to denounce Bilbo.


The Dems don’t like being called out for their own tactics. Doing so gets you tagged with the standard “racist” label.  Tucker Carlson discussed the Dems’ replacement ploy, which they’ve been trying for years.  The Leftwingnuts immediately went into a frothing rage.

The Dems have a lengthy history of racism and they’ve done everything they can to project the blame on others.  All they’ve done is rebrand their dogma.

No one does racism like the DemLeft.

But they’re liberal bigots, so it’s okay.



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