The FBI Can Get Away With Murder

The corrupt agency gets away with a lot.

Don Surber

Andrew C. McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor, wrote in the New York Post today, “John Durham’s final act: exposing the FBI.”


Conservatives already knew the FBI is a Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization that let Hillary walk despite having jeopardized national security.

We also know the FBI lied to spy on Donald Trump for Barack Obama when he was president.

We also know that Durham did nothing but push pencils for a couple of years until the statute of limitations expired. He brought one case to a jury in DC, a town where 90% of the people vote Democrat in presidential elections. That got an acquittal.

So much for accountability.

Nevertheless, McCarthy wrote, “We now know that the so-called dossier compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele was a Clinton campaign production. It is one of the great dirty tricks in modern political history: The 2016 Democratic presidential campaign colluded with the incumbent Democratic administration’s law enforcement and intelligence apparatus to portray their partisan opposition, Donald Trump, as a Kremlin mole, then made the smear stick to the point of forcing Trump to govern for over two years under the cloud of a special-counsel investigation.”

We knew that going in. McCarthy knew it.

McCarthy was the one who broke the story on January 11, 2017, that Obama spied on Trump.

The failure of Durham to send anyone to prison for the FBI’s corruption and transformation into a Gestapo was predictable because Durham botched the Whitey Bulger investigation.

I wrote a year and a day ago, “I go by track record, and John Durham’s track record shows he is a good investigator and a smart bureaucrat. He will go just deep enough in his prosecutions to satisfy the public but not so far as to endanger the establishment.

“I base this on the Whitey Bulger case. He was a gangster in Boston who was politically connected. His brother Billy became President of the Massachusetts Senate. Upon retirement, he became a well-paid bureaucrat in the state college system.

“His other brother was Jackie, a court clerk magistrate who after retirement went to prison for fixing grand juries.

“Beginning in 1975, Whitey served as an informant for the FBI. This protected him and allowed him to rat out his competition. It was a pretty good deal that ended in 1994 when the DEA got a RICO indictment on him. State and local police helped the investigation as the DEA iced the racketeer-influenced corrupt FBI out of the deal.

“Sadly, one of his FBI cronies learned about the indictment, told Bulger, and he skipped town. There was a manhunt for him and ironically, the FBI eventually placed him on its most wanted list, right behind Osama bin Laden.

“Janet Reno later sent Durham in to investigate. He convicted the agent who tipped Whitey off, and he indicted a retired FBI agent who also helped Whitey. The retiree died before he was tried.

“That’s nice.

“What about Senate President Billy Bulger?

“What about the supervisors at the FBI?

“What about the U.S. attorneys who prosecuted Whitey’s rivals?”

This was why I told readers repeatedly, no excitement without an indictment.

And when Durham finally got an indictment, I added no celebration without incarceration.

There was no celebration,

This whitewash was worse than the Whitey Bulger coverup because Whitey eventually wound up in prison. They sent him to the federal penitentiary in West Virginia. Someone told inmates he was coming. They killed him.

The FBI laughs at America. It raided Mar-a-Lago because FBI thugs know they can get away with anything. The FBI has the media in its back pocket and the dirt on everyone in DC.

Nothing short of a dismantling of the bureau and the demolition of the Hoover building will end this nightmare.

McCarthy is whizzing on your shoe and telling you it is raining.

The Durham investigation is a fucking joke. He laid out a timeline of evidence of the Hillary campaign’s corruption, but never pushed it hard enough. Clinton-connected attorney Michael Sussmann was the only one indicted for lying to the FBI during the Russian collusion hoax, but a rigged jury let him off.

There’s a two-tiered system of justice; one set of rules for Dems, another set of rules for everyone else. Just ask General Michael Flynn.

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