The Left’s Self-Serving Interpretation of the American Flag

The disingenuous tripe is as sickening as their disrespect.

Don Surber

September 11th marks the 20th anniversary of Bill Ayers stomping on a flag on the front page of the New York Times under the headline, “No Regrets for a Love Of Explosives; In a Memoir of Sorts, a War Protester Talks of Life With the Weathermen.”

In politics, there is no such thing as a coincidence.

7 years later, Ayers’s star pupil was headed for the presidency in a race against a Vietnam War hero turned crook turned sellout. McCain’s purpose was to lose gracefully to Barack Hussein Obama.

Ayers was not a war protester. He was a militant communist who wanted a revolution. Vietnam was his excuse. He tried to kickstart the revolution by bombing the Pentagon. On the lam for years, his daddy’s money hired lawyers who got the charges dropped.

He said, “Guilty as hell, free as a bird—America is a great country.”

Decades later, his only regret was that he failed to blow up the Pentagon.

The Times story began, “”I don’t regret setting bombs,’ Bill Ayers said. ‘I feel we didn’t do enough.”’

Hours after publication, 19 Arab versions of Bill Ayers brought down the Twin Towers and severely damaged the Pentagon.

Timing is everything in politics. The message from Ayers was clear. The enemy (al-Qaeda) of my enemy (the USA) is my friend. This is why the American left embraces people who call for executing homosexuals and stoning women who are raped.

But enough about history. Liberals hated the American flags for as long as I can remember, burning it with glee in the 1960s. Ayers stomping the flag was about as shocking as a rapper dropping an F-bomb or using the N-word.

After 60 years of their anti-Americanism, liberals want to blame President Trump for their hate.

Sue Walsh wrote, “Trump weaponized the American flag. Will it ever be a unifying symbol again?”


George Washington weaponized the American flag. He had Betsy Ross stitch up the red, white, and blue banner that would rally his troops in battle.

Nevertheless, she persisted.

Walsh wrote, “This past weekend, Americans all across the country flew the American flag in celebration of July 4th. It’s a shared symbol of our country’s freedom, but the meaning behind the stars and stripes is increasingly fragmented.

……The American flag is beautiful.

She does not acknowledge that.

Instead, she said, the flag rallied America after 9/11. Perhaps. But ABC refused to allow its personnel to wear American flag lapel pins. And the newfound patriotism died by spring.

She wrote, “A mere 20 years later, the meaning of the flag has fractured once again, its meaning illusive. It no longer functions as a unifying device for our country, but as a way to categorize people by their political leanings. At his rallies, former President Trump and his supporters waved the flag high, while railing against immigrants, threatening the media, and denouncing anyone who didn’t support them. On one strange but memorable occasion, Trump hugged the flag tightly, grinning from ear to ear with his eyes closed, while he kissed it and said, ‘I love you, baby.’

“Embracing the flag during Trump’s presidency could feel like you were also embracing his racist, hateful comments. In 2019, Republicans were twice as likely as Democrats to say that flying the flag was important to being a good citizen. For many, the flag became a symbol of division.”

Democrats threw the flag on the ground and stepped on it, just like Bill Ayers. Then they voted in lockstep with him for Obama, a man whose allegiance to the nation is merely transactional.

Republicans embraced the flag and still do. In the Civil War, Democrats were loyal to a different banner. Republicans remained true.

The American flag is still doing its job. It is still rallying Americans. If that disturbs Walsh, Ayers, and the rest, they should move to some other country.

I suggest Red China.



When patriots wave the flag to show pride in our country, the Left’s revulsion is palpable. Supporting the Constitution, enforcing immigration laws, and tenets that strengthen America’s economy and foreign policy, makes them go ballistic or try to pull off high-handed  pretentious dudgeon like Walsh.  The same flag she claims is being used for our ‘political leanings’ is burned, trampled, and defaced by her fellow lefties.

And when it comes to threats and denouncing (read: attack) anyone who disagrees with them, no one does it like the Dems and their leftwing media tools.

Leftwing nihilists hate the military,  the country, and rights of people they disdain; namely anyone who won’t agree with their agenda.

Walsh and her like-minded fucknuts will never try to find another country superior to this one.

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