The Leftwing Media And Dems’ Double Standard on “Riots”

When Antifa and BLM thugs riot:



For years the Dems and their media tools have acted as cheerleaders for this:





This is how the media portrays the rampage:




“Mostly peaceful”:



Remember this?:


From Roger Kimball:

As the commentator Howie Carr put it, “some riots are more equal than others.” Like Carr, I condemn what happened at the Capitol last week. But I also “wonder where all this outrage was among the chattering classes when the orgy of rioting, looting, arson and murder was gripping the nation last summer.” (As usual, The Babylon Bee deployed some illuminating satire, writing “Antifa accuses Trump supporters of cultural appropriation.”)

When BLM rioters were burning cities and attacking the police, Colin Kaepernick publicly called for more violence. Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, responded by making a $3 million contribution to one of Kaepernick’s charities.

……Roger L. Simon was not being hyperbolic when he suggested that what we are seeing is the devolution of the United States into a one-party totalitarian state akin to Communist China. It’s not, Simon notes, “communism in the traditional sense. Karl Marx wouldn’t recognize it, not that what he had on offer was any better.” Instead, what we are witnessing is Communism as a sort of “paleo-virtue signaling.”

What China actually is (and where the United States is headed or has already arrived) is a form of oligarchic fascism. The capitalist market’s fine as long as it’s a capitalist market and you’re a member of my party.


The Dems’ appreciation for radical violence on their behalf goes back to the Occupy Wall Street goons and the millennial ‘million student’ tantrums that occurred during Obama’s regime.

This is the shit that happened during B. Hussein’s watch:






Those are some of the “Occupy” riots.

When animals rioted in Ferguson and Baltimore, they garnered sympathy from the media and the Dems, who joined in.

When patriots get pissed, we won’t loot, burn, vandalize, assault, or murder anyone in your neighborhoods. We go right to the source of the corruption in this country—the Congress.

There will be another revolution, but not the one left-wing elites are looking for.


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