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They’ve got to be kidding.  The manager of a youth baseball league in Beachwood, Ohio cancelled the All-Star game because *GASP* there are just some kids who aren’t good enough to play, and it might hurt their widdoo feewings.

Beachwood cancels Rec League all-star baseball game
Rec Center feels singling out players can hurt youthful self confidence.
Thursday, June 26, 2008
(Beachwood) – Beachwood has cancelled its annual 4th of July Rec League All-Star Game for 9 to 12 year olds.
In a letter to coaches, Assistant Recreation Supervisor Frank Vicchiarelli announced that the decades old tradition would end because certain kids were being singled out as better players than others.
For the all-star game, some coaches encouraged kids to select their team’s all-stars, and in other cases the coaches made the selections.

Fred Engh of the National Alliance for Youth Sports has strongly discouraged all-star games. His argument is that the games belong to all of the children, and not just a select few. The Beachwood Rec Department feels that this event takes a back seat to the real focus of the program, the kid’s games.

Beachwood says the tournament at the end of the season will continue, and that’s the time to emphasize competitiveness.

Critics of the cancellation say it’s not necessary and players who excel should be given a showcase. As in life, they point out, there are always winners and losers.
But Engh says that kind of competitiveness belongs in older kids, not players at this level. He says 9 to 12 year olds need to build their self confidence, and many sign up to play baseball at this age just to have fun.

So, be competitive and have fun while you’re at it, moron.

America didn’t become a world leader industrially and militarily, and by forbidding competition between the best, brightest, and most capable.

The PC police aren’t wasting any time with the ‘self-esteem’ psychcobabble indoctrination.  Don’t let kids build self-confidence through the hard knocks of life, instead, shield them from reality because for gawd’s sake, we wouldn’t want them to learn valuable lessons through perseverence.

The wussification of America continues.

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