The Unhinged Left’s Autistic Preoccupation With White ‘Supremacy’ and Bigotry Against Whites

When they’re not belching the mantra of “white supremacy”, they’re busy issuing death threats and leukophobic racism.

Or groveling.

Tucker Carlson’s take on the ‘white supremacy’ hoax:


Many of the bloviating idiots who spew this shit are pandering, self-loathing effete who really don’t mean it. The black and white ones do it as a reflection of their own thuggish behavior and refusal to confront their own failures as human beings.

Because President Trump won the election, the Left is in hell, with all the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth. Their loony viciousness is in direct correlation to their downward spiral.  When the “Russian collusion” hoax failed, they went to the old standby of flinging accusations of “racism” and “white supremacy” on everyone that refuses to goosestep to their agenda, including black Republicans who left the Dem plantation.

Their fatuity has no limit. Case in point: a young ethnically black model was accused of “white privilege” because she’s an albino.

Dems are a charming little bundle of hate.  This is how the left tries to change the language for their own benefit. They may be able to manipulate some, but to the rest of us, they sound retarded.



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1 thought on “The Unhinged Left’s Autistic Preoccupation With White ‘Supremacy’ and Bigotry Against Whites”

  1. El Krapitan

    Some nice rage fuel to get my day started.

    Just remember: The republicans aren’t being very helpful to us either. They cower and grovel while the democrats attack. They can’t be counted on. That’s why when I hear the argument that if Republicans ran a city things would be much better, I sadly shake my head. The only difference is that they are more likely to allow you to arm yourself against the wondrous enrichment of urban diversity, which they nevertheless allow to increase because the economy is more important than national identity.

    Truth be told, there are NO OTHER PEOPLE ON EARTH as welcoming and open to other groups of people as people of European heritage. The evidence for this is everywhere. Just try and push these policies in non-white countries. They will laugh you right out of the airport on your way off. Or beat you.

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