Thoughts on the Dem Party Dysfunction

Dems politicize everything; skin color, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. Instead of appealing to all American citizens as a whole, they create protected classes and pander to segments of society based on the viability of votes. Step outside the approved categories and you’re vilified. Notice how quick black Republicans are called “oreo”, “house negro”, “Uncle Tom”, and a variety of other epithets because they don’t buy the Dem party line.  When it comes to racism and hate, the DemLeft contingent is comprised of unhinged, frothing lunatics.

Rampaging Antifa anarchists and BLM thugs have hijacked the Dem platform, with their blessing. If you think this won’t have an impact in November, you’re delusional. A majority of Americans are sick of the insane extremist bullshit being displayed on a daily basis; riots, vandalism, arson, assaults, rapes, and murder, by the groups endorsed by the Dems. They foster and encourage the violence hoping that the divisive tactics will give them an edge.

Democrats have demonstrated they have no respect for American citizens. They hate the Bill of Rights and the Constitution because it limits government power; in particular, the power they want.

The Demleft divides us into two classes of people: Those who believe in the socialist agenda they push, and the unwashed heathens who refuse to buy their shit sandwich.

Economically, they support a bloated welfare state and spend taxpayer funds on illegals.

I could spend all day discussing their rancid foreign policies, which include hatred of Israel and support for the Islamofascist regime in Iran.

Bottom line: Donald Trump will be re-elected and the leftwing moonbats will have to contend with 4 more years of fulfilling campaign promises and getting this country back on track.




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