Twitter Stocks Plunge After Banning President Trump

Couldn’t happen to a better Big Tech tyrant.

New York Post

Twitter’s stock price tumbled Monday as investors appeared to balk at the social network’s decision to ban President Trump from posting.

Shares in the San Francisco-based company tumbled as much as 12 percent to $45.17 in the first trading session after it booted Trump from the platform on Friday, saying his account posed a “risk of further incitement of violence” after his supporters stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday.

The stock pared the losses through the morning and fell 6.4 percent to close at $48.18.

Twitter’s move against the outgoing president — whose account had more than 88 million followers — was the first permanent suspension for a head of state, and it’s likely to spark furious debate about the role tech companies play in regulating speech.

It may also hurt Twitter’s user base as Trump supporters and right-wing activists pledge to boycott the company’s blockbuster decision.


All 3 Big Tech CEOs have decided on a global censorship database.  The goal is to suppress the free speech of people, groups, and organizations they hate.

Facebook and Twitter  ‘fact-checkers’ exclusively censor conservatives. It’s company policy. If you think the oppression is limited to the websites, Dorsey actually admitted that conservative employees are afraid to express their opinions.

An undercover video from Project Veritas shows Twitter employees bragging on their censorship skills against conservatives.

Dorsey and Zuck have testified about their bias and censorship several times before Congress, and nothing changed. Complaints were filed with the FEC. Nothing changed.

I’m done with Twatter. I got sick of getting censored and suspended.  If you value free speech, get on Gab and Parler.  Ditch Twitter and Facebook. Eventually, they will collapse under the weight of their own fascism.



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