Vice Presidential Debate: Biden Assclowns His Way Through, Ryan Stands His Ground

Just think, this worthless turd is second in line to the presidency. But not for long.

From Breitbart.

This evening, vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) took on Vice President Joe Biden in a wide-ranging debate covering everything from Libya and Iran to the economy. Biden’s demeanor was the story of the evening: smirking, laughing, snorting, shaking his head. The strategy seems to have been to laugh off America’s problems, since the Obama administration has done nothing to solve them.

The debate itself was secondary to the demeanor of Biden. Biden had nothing to run on, so he decided to distract. And those pearly whites were a bizarre distraction from what could have been a substantive debate.

Biden interrupted Ryan repeatedly. He would not allow Ryan to finish an answer; where he stopped interrupting for even a few moments, his moderator ally, Martha Raddatz, jumped in to help him cut Ryan short.

This was the big problem for Biden going in: the American people didn’t like him. His favorables were far lower than Ryan’s. This debate did him no favors. And if the vice presidential debate was any indicator of the new, aggressive strategy of the Obama/Biden ticket, it will be off-putting to Americans in a dramatic way. It appears blustery and unlikeable – and most of all, dramatically angry and unserious.

Biden did it because Obama was somnambulant during the first debate. So Biden came out swinging. And more than anything else, he came out like an enormous bully, determined not to let Ryan get in a word edgewise.

Martha Raddatz, the moderator, did nothing to stop Joe Biden from repeatedly interrupting a very polite Paul Ryan, forcing Ryan to exclaim that the American public might prefer for each to speak in turn; her questions were significantly tougher for Ryan than they were for Biden, and she even allowed Biden to jump in to supplement questions. The time imbalance was substantially in Biden’s favor.

As far as the substance, the debate was a mockery. With regard to foreign policy, Biden told lie after lie. Biden continued pushing the awful Obama administration flip-flops on their Libya story; Ryan accurately called it an “unraveling of American foreign policy.” Biden suggested that Iran was slowing its nuclear development, without a shred of evidence. On Afghanistan, Ryan showed fluency, but Biden’s anger overcame Ryan’s fluency and made Ryan appear tentative.

Ryan told the truth about Obama’s economic record, slapping Biden hard on the unemployment rate in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Biden repeated tired falsehoods about the size of the Romney tax cuts, and whined about lack of specifics on the Romney economic policy. He did score points on Romney’s tax policy; Ryan didn’t respond with the alacrity necessary, and didn’t give a good answer to why he had signed two letters requesting stimulus grants for constituents in his district. On defense policy, Ryan cited Obama’s defense cuts as problematic; Biden suggested they were just fine.

There were memorable moments. At one point, Biden questioned the infamous Mitt Romney statement about “the 47%.” Ryan shot back that Biden was surely familiar with saying things he didn’t quite articulate correctly. Biden then said he only said things he meant – which will surely make Americans wonder just what he meant when he said that Romney would put people in chains, or that the middle class had been “buried” under Obama.

But once again, the substance of the debate was not the substance. It was the attitude. Ryan was soft-spoken, sincere, and serious. Biden seemed to take the entire proceeding as a farce. In treating it so, he made it so. More importantly, he made the Obama administration look like what it is: a bullying, bloviating, obnoxious administration more interested in talking over its opponents than working with them to improve the lives of Americans.

Martha Raddatz was a piss poor choice for moderator.  She was in fact, the third debater. Where Jim Lehrer let the opponents debate,  she used her leftwing politics to direct the conversation for Biden.  She literally ran interference for him whenever Ryan got him cornered on the issues.

From Fox News.

In a head-to-head battle of proxies, Vice President Biden wasted no time Thursday trying to do what many Democrats felt President Obama failed to against Mitt Romney, going on offense with an often disdainful attack on Paul Ryan — who stood his ground against a barrage of Biden grins, guffaws, snickers and interruptions.

The dueling running mates turned the lone vice presidential debate into an uncharacteristically feisty affair, scrapping over everything from the economy to Libya to taxes. But it was the vice president who set the aggressive tone, blatantly striving to hit the reset after President Obama was panned for his lackluster performance at last week’s opening debate.

If Obama was too cold, Biden at times bordered on too hot, analysts said afterward.

He chuckled and smirked through many of Ryan’s responses. But unlike Obama a week ago, he let few points go unchallenged.

Biden went after the Romney/Ryan ticket with a directness that Obama did not. Notably, he hammered Mitt Romney over his secretly videotaped comment in which he said he doesn’t have to worry about the “47 percent” of Americans who don’t pay federal income taxes.

“These people are my mom and dad, the people I grew up with, my neighbors,” Biden said, adding he’s “had it up to here” with those kinds of comments.

Ryan shot back, in reference to Biden’s tendency to make gaffes: “As the vice president very well knows … sometimes the words don’t come out of your mouth the right way.”

“But I always say what I mean,” Biden responded.

Ryan, though, got his points in, maintaining a steady and comparatively reserved demeanor throughout.

Ryan accused Obama of “projecting weakness” with his foreign policy, particularly in his response to the terror attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. At home, he accused the administration of presiding over a shoddy recovery.

“This is not what a real recovery looks like,” Ryan said.

……Ryan opened the debate with tough criticism of the Obama administration over its handling of the Libya terror attack.”What we are watching on our TV screens is the unraveling of the Obama foreign policy,” Ryan said.

……”This is becoming more troubling by the day. They first blamed the YouTube video. Now they’re trying to blame the Romney/Ryan ticket for making this an issue,” he said. Ryan was referring to a claim by an Obama aide earlier Thursday that the only reason the attack had entered the political debate was because of Romney’s criticism – a claim Romney rejected.

Biden’s retort:

“With all due respect, that’s just a bunch of malarkey. … Not a single thing he said is accurate.”

He added: “This talk about this weakness, I don’t understand what my friend’s talking about.”

Let me help you out, Joe.  Obama’s socialist economics is an epic fail.  Romney hit the nail on the head with the 47% statistic. Obama’s foreign policy consists of disrespecting our allies and emboldening our enemies.

Biden can’t defend the Obama regime’s shitty economic and foreign policy record, so he chortled, smirked, laughed, lied, and blamed others.  In other words, he channeled Obama. He regurgitated the party line about Libya; “We weren’t told they wanted more security; we did not know they wanted more security there.” He lied about Obama’s taxes on the middle class. He lied about the HHS which forces religious institutions to provide funding for birth control.

Ryan was too polite; he should have shown more aggression at Biden’s boorish behavior and outright lies.  But he showed poise and knowledge in response to Biden’s idiocy.

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