Wayne Allyn Root: Where’s Obama’s Columbia University Record?

Wayne Allyn Root, a classmate of Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama at Columbia University, believes Obama is hiding the fact that he was a foreign exchange student at Columbia University and that is why he sealed his college transcripts.  Root does not recall seeing Obama anywhere on campus. Neither do the 400+ former classmates he randomly called.

Since Obama’s lap dog Harry Reid insists that Mitt Romney dignify a ridiculous accusation of tax evasion by releasing tax files, perhaps Obama should fork over some documents of his own.


B. Hussein has refused to release or discuss many documents which cover his ‘education’ and past leftwing radical activities and associates.   Transparency, right?

Obama’s credentials are based on bullshit.  He is the quintessential Peter Principle.  His  “resume” is an embellished fabrication.  His “law/teaching career” at Harvard was wrought with sub par performance. His peers viewed him a lazy and unqualified.  He got by on affirmative action, charisma, arm-twisting, and being a member of radical groups with powerful connections. 

The Smartest Guy in the Room has some pretty serious intellectual flaws and competency issues.  He’s a socialist empty suit foisted into the world’s most powerful position by liberal morons and minorities who voted for messianic idolatry and pigment over substance.

Substituting reality with made up fantasies is indicative of a pathological liar.  Obama lacks the character and ethical backbone it takes to be a real leader. This latest dumbassity involving Harry Reid is more proof.


1 thought on “Wayne Allyn Root: Where’s Obama’s Columbia University Record?”

  1. damn it sarg…quit axin’ those in-bare-assin’ kwestions…

    theys lock up wit’ his birf certiffycat…where theys safe from lyin’ eyes…eeer pryin’ eyes…

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