Why Aren’t Colbert’s Toadies in Jail With the January 6 Protesters?

Tucker Carlson

So last Thursday, last week on Thursday, talk show host Stephen Colbert dispatched a group of seven of his employees to Washington, D.C. Their job? Break into the U.S. Capitol complex and harass lawmakers inside. So, the group dutifully arrived in the afternoon and were met almost immediately by uniformed Capitol Hill police officers who threw them out. But apparently on orders from Colbert, they returned.

At about 4 p.m. on Thursday, the group reentered the building. Accounts vary as to what exactly happened next, but it seems clear that Colbert’s employees were led inside by an ally within the building, that would be a freshman member of Congress from Massachusetts called Jake Auchincloss.

Once on federal property, Colbert’s employees did what they came to do, which was disrupt the business of Congress, and apparently they were not subtle about doing it. They pounded on doors and yelled. Whatever they did, it got people’s attention. It takes an awful lot for a police force controlled by Nancy Pelosi to arrest a group of left-wing entertainment figures, but that’s exactly what happened next. Capitol Hill police arrested seven Colbert employees and brought them to jail. All seven of them were charged with unlawful entry.

Now, that’s the identical charge that hundreds of January 6 defendants have been prosecuted for. But unlike the January 6 defendants, Colbert’s employees were not sent to the DC jail for a year and a half in solitary confinement. No, they were released after only a night behind bars, and then they fled back to New York. Why is that? What exactly is the difference in the crime? As a legal question, we still don’t know the answer. For some reason, Capitol Hill police have not released the surveillance tapes that would show exactly what Colbert’s employees did that so triggered the police force controlled by Nancy Pelosi that they were arrested, but whatever they did. Otherwise, sympathetic members of Congress are running away from it as quickly as they can.

“We do not condone any inappropriate activity within the Capitol,” Jake Auchincloss’ office told us today. It was a factual matter. That is not true. In fact, Jake Auchincloss has a recent history of condoning criminal behavior in the Capitol. Just this March, surveillance cameras in the complex caught Jake Auchincloss’ chief of staff, that would be a former Adam Schiff staffer called Tim Hyssop, vandalizing the front door of Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greens Personal Office.

Hyssop did this not once but several times violently, like a man obsessed. Capitol Hill police quickly filed an arrest warrant against him because Tim Haysom clearly posed a threat to a member of Congress. But Jake Auchincloss did not fire him. Instead, Jake Auchincloss defended Hyssop’s vandalism as noble and justified. “Our office is not going to apologize,” read a long and self-righteous statement from Jake Auchincloss.

In other words, “We don’t like Marjorie Taylor Greene’s politics. Therefore, we can do whatever we want to her and we will.” For the most part, the media ignored the story. So, Jake Auchincloss and Adam Schiff felt emboldened to go further. They invited Colbert’s employees to the Capitol to harass Marjorie Taylor Greene some more, which is what they were trying to do when they were arrested by Capitol Hill Police.

Now, whatever you think of her politics, Marjorie Taylor Greene is a sitting member of Congress. Preventing her or any other member of Congress from carrying out official duties as a public representative is, by definition, an attack on democracy. So, how is what Stephen Colbert did different from what the protesters on January 6 have been convicted of doing? That’s a very good question and it’s a question that Colbert himself spent the weekend thinking about.

His conclusion? Well, unlike Trump voters, Stephen Colbert is a very good person. Therefore, any comparison to Trump voters is not simply ridiculous. It is a moral crime.

……”Get the vax, peasants, surrender your guns, support Ukraine and remember, it’s called Kiev now.” This isn’t comedy. It’s a very sad midlife crisis, but more than that, it’s information war being waged against television viewers on behalf of the Democratic Party. At least when the White House press secretary does it, she admits what she’s doing. Colbert hides behind his former job as a comedian. “It was all a joke. When people I don’t like break into the Capitol, it’s insurrection. When we do it, it’s sketch comedy, right?”

……But don’t tell us you’re a comedian and therefore exempt from the normal rules of behavior and the normal federal laws about trespassing because you’re not. You did what they did, and you should be punished in exactly the same way.  


The same gang of rectoids mocked and harassed speakers at a rally for families of J6 defendants, including the family of Matthew Perna, who committed suicide after being hounded by government jackboots for exercising his free speech rights.


These shitbags were cleared into the complex by staffers for Rep. Jake Auchincloss, D-Mass., and House January 6 Committee Member Adam Schiff, D-Calif.  They knew what was going to happen and why. Where’s the fucking capitol police investigation?

They should be carted off to the same DC gulag where the January 6 protesters are being held without due process.


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