Biden’s Toxic Personality

Mental instability, corruption, hubris, narcissism, and depravity are Dem traits.

American Greatness

Biden showed the other side of his character this week while giving a commencement address to the Coast Guard Academy. This is a normal enough task for a president, which typically includes a chance to voice a few thoughts on defense policy. Attempting to butter up the crowd, he said, “I can only assume that you will enjoy educating your family about how the Coast Guard is quote, ‘the hard nucleus around the Navy forms in times of war.’”

No one laughed, perhaps because he rearranged the quote into meaningless word salad.

Annoyed, he said “You are a—you are a really dull class. I mean, come on, man, is the sun getting to you? I would think you would have an opportunity when I say that about the Navy to clap.”

Biden, like many politicians, is so used to fawning acolytes and soft glove media treatment, he seems genuinely put off by his interactions with regular people. If empathy means understanding how other people are feeling, his ability to relate has been dulled by years of living an elevated life as a U.S. senator and later vice president, where interactions with others are always compliant and complimentary.

In spite of the concerted media campaign to make his empathy a defining trait, there was ample evidence of Biden’s short fuse and disrespect for regular people before his recent speech to the Coasties.

At an Iowa town hall during the primary, he defended his fitness (at age 77) to be president, challenging a man to a pushup contest and also calling him a “damn liar” when he brought up his son Hunter’s role in providing access for his Ukrainian oligarch employer. Hunter’s laptop later revealed that Joe Biden was the one lying. Biden’s tone in this exchange showed not empathy, but anger and aggression.

Biden has shown such anger before. He told a Michigan auto worker that he was “full of shit” for suggesting that Biden wanted to impair the Second Amendment and take away guns, while in the same breath Biden said he was going to ban the “AR-14.”

After being asked about his electability, Biden called one Democratic voter a “lying dog-faced pony soldier,” whatever that means.

When a young reporter at the Iowa State Fair asked him how many genders there are, he responded “at least three.” He added, “Don’t play games with me kid!” when she asked him to clarify.

Finally, he really seems to get miffed when his lame jokes don’t get laughs. He also seems to have a habit of suggesting that servicemembers are dumb—perhaps a relic of his 1970s-era political formation, when this was a common view. In another talk with deployed soldiers in Dubai, Biden’s joke fell flat. He grumbled, “Clap for that you stupid bastards,” adding, they were a “dull bunch.”

While his entourage defended these remarks as a joke, he and his audience don’t look very happy in the video.

……Biden “the Empath” is a media myth from top to bottom. He was a lackluster senator not known for his intellect. Whenever he makes decisions, he evinces terrible, Machiavalleian judgment: supporting a giveaway to big banks in the 2002 bankruptcy reform or opposing the Bin Laden raid because of the “political consequences of failure.”

More recently he has shown not just intellectual weakness, but moral weakness: he has done nothing to reign in his party’s lunatic fringe. At the same time, he has revealed himself to be a serial liar on matters of consequence, including the crisis at the border and the extent of his gun control plans. This is a pattern of dissembling that began with his 1988 run for president, which he ended in disgrace after documented plagiarism.

His brain has been in a state of decomposition for a while.  He compared victims of domestic violence to the “man rape”  in the film Deliverance. He told a newly-sworn in female senator, “Spread your legs, you’re going to get frisked”. The look on her husband’s face says it all. He walked away immediately after the picture was snapped.  Fuckin’ Biden. What a scumbag. He told a group of supporters in Danville, Va that, ‘Republicans are gonna put y’all back in chains’. He ranted about “rape” and Bush “burning down houses” during a speech pushing Obama’s tax-raising ‘jobs bill’. He called his sister a “girl-boy,” meaning a tomboy, and then explained that girl-boys are softer than “girl-girls.” During a Sept. 12, 2008, speech in Columbia, Mo., Biden called for Missouri State Sen. Chuck Graham, who is wheelchair-bound, to “stand up.” He had bizarre ideas about Obama’s jobs bill and rape fantasies. He told a NASA  engineer that ‘Indian Americans are taking over the country’. He told a black interviewer: “I tell you if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

He’s also a serial sex offender.

Biden’s gutter-style politics, malfeasance, and psychotic behavior are not just overlooked by the liberal media, it’s spun like a fucking top.

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