Dear Texas, How’s That “Green Energy” Thing Working Out?

Tucker Carlson

The Green New Deal has come, believe it or not, to the state of Texas. How’s it working out so far?

Well, the good news is all that alternative energy seems to have had a remarkable effect on the climate. Sunday night, parts of Texas got the temperatures that we typically see in Alaska. In fact, they were the same as they were in Alaska. So global warming is no longer a pressing concern in Houston.

The bad news is, they don’t have electricity. The windmills froze, so the power grid failed. Millions of Texans woke up Monday morning having to boil their water because with no electricity, it couldn’t be purified.

The ironically named Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which oversees the grid, had no solution to any of this. They simply told people to stop using so much power to keep warm. So in Houston, hundreds of shivering Texans headed to the convention center like refugees to keep from freezing to death. Some Texans almost certainly did freeze to death. Later this week, we’ll likely learn just how many more were killed as they tried to keep warm with jury-rigged heaters and barbecues and car exhaust.

That happens every time when the power goes out; even advanced societies become primitive and dangerous, and people die. We’ve seen it happen repeatedly in California for years now, rolling blackouts in a purportedly First World state that is slipping steadily into chaos.

But who saw that coming in Texas? If there’s one thing you would think Texas would be able to do, is keep the lights on. Most electricity comes from natural gas and Texas produces more of that than any place on the continent. There are huge natural gas deposits all over the state. Running out of energy in Texas is like starving to death at the grocery store: You can only do it on purpose, and Texas did.

Rather than celebrate and benefit from their state’s vast natural resources, politicians took the fashionable route and became recklessly reliant on so-called alternative energy, meaning windmills. Fifteen years ago, there were virtually no wind farms in Texas. Last year, roughly a quarter of all electricity generated in the state came from wind. Local politicians were pleased by this. They bragged about it like there was something virtuous about destroying the landscape and degrading the power grid. Just last week, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott proudly accepted something called the Wind Leadership Award, given with gratitude by Tri Global Energy, a company getting rich from green energy.

So it was all working great until the day it got cold outside. The windmills failed like the silly fashion accessories they are, and people in Texas died. This is not to beat up on the state of Texas — it’s a great state, actually — but to give you some sense of what’s about to happen to you.

……People who support wind farms, as a rule, live very far from wind farms. People who live near wind farms have a totally different view, and why wouldn’t they? How would you like a massive power plant in your backyard humming and buzzing and chopping up birds? That’s what a wind turbine is. If you’re ever in rural America, go see one for yourself. You’ll be shocked by how awful it is once you get up close. Your first thought may be, “This is supposed to be good for the environment.”

……A tiny number of people profit from it due to government subsidies and regulated prices. Everyone else gets a moral lecture about climate change and anyone who complains about any of it gets called a Nazi by Cory Booker.

The problem is that demagogues like Cory Booker have no earthly idea what a wind farm is. They don’t know how to run a power grid, or anything else, for that matter. They talk, they brag, but they don’t build anything, much less fix or maintain it. They can’t, they have no skills. If you don’t believe that, take a look at what they have done to our cities.


Flashback: “Green Experiment” in Texas Town Results in Epic Fail:

Georgetown, Texas — population 75,000 — was to be the new poster child of the green movement.

Last October, the city successfully applied for a $1 million grant from former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s nonprofit, Bloomberg Philanthropies.

DeVore told Carlson the idea was to save money — “the Republican thing to do” — by switching the town to electricity from wind and solar power.

However, the effort to abandon affordable fossil fuels and switch to more costly renewable energy didn’t work.

“When you start to implement things that’s when things fall apart,” DeVore said. ” … The prices of natural gas went down because we found more of it, and the problem with wind power is that it’s mainly made at night and very expensive to store it. … During the daytime, they have to buy power off the grid.”

He said Georgetown residents lost about $30 million over four years, and the town’s citizens were receiving energy bills for an average of $600 more than neighboring towns.


The whole “green, sustainability” crap is nothing less than an abuse of power. It’s all about government control of energy resources.

Now that Biden has eliminated thousands of jobs and the chance to be energy independent by nixing the Keystone Pipeline, expect more of this shit to happen.



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