Disturbing Facts About Election Night

American Thinker

Election Night revealed a few disturbing items that should trouble freedom-loving Americans.

First, that the race is even this tight speaks to a disturbing number of Americans who are woefully uninformed.  Second, Fox News has gone over to the dark side or, rather, the left.  And third, the level of coordination to make this race close is stunning.

That the senile and corrupt Joe Biden could finish so strong speaks to either the gullibility or unseriousness of far too many Americans.  Biden obviously has mental acuity issues and has a history of corruption, but that did not seem to be a big deal to the Americans who voted for him.  I guess the probability of more lockdowns is lost on a number of Americans who are more frightened by the Wuhan virus than the probability of America becoming a socialist, if not communist, nation under a Biden presidency.

Speaking of a Biden presidency, if he were to win, odds are he would not finish out his first term.  Vice President Kamala Harris would become president, a person who dropped out of the Democrat primaries before a single vote was cast based on her lack of voter support and a politician who is one of the most leftist senators.  So the people who squandered American freedom and prosperity for safety or because they don’t like Trump’s personality are basically voting for a figurehead, to be replaced by guess who.  Either these voters are oblivious to this fact or they simply do not care.

Biden voters also are either unaware of his past associations with racists and his stand against integration through busing or they think it’s not a point of contention.  The same goes for his pay-for-play schemes with Ukraine, China, and more, as revealed by son Hunter’s laptop.  Now, granted , the corporate media and Big Tech teamed up to squelch these revelations, but the information could be found if one did one’s due diligence before casting a vote.  Trump certainly mentioned Biden’s corruption in every single one of his rallies in the last few weeks.

Fox News should be forever viewed by conservatives as the enemy. Its early calls for states for Biden that had not finished voting such as Arizona and Virginia and its slow-walking of states that Trump decisively won like Florida, Texas, and Ohio were an absolute disgrace.  By sitting on the results of states like Georgia and North Carolina, states that, of this writing, showed Trump with narrow leads with 99 percent of the precincts in, Fox allowed Biden to gain momentum while slowing Trump’s dominance.  It looks as if the influence of RINO Paul Ryan as a Fox Corporation board member and the legacy of analyst Bill Sammon (Fox News V.P. Politics) resulted in a psy-ops (psychological operations) campaign against conservative morale.  Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, and Lou Dobbs should go to other networks rather than being associated with this betrayer of its conservative audience.  Fox News should be shunned by all conservatives from this day forward, and they should throw viewership to OANN (One America News Network) and Newsmax.

States like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania declaring they need more days to count their votes also raises the specter of voter fraud.  Globalists, corrupt voting officials, and the Deep State are most likely in on this skullduggery.  Through this coordinated effort, along with the media, the race is close, and the stage is set for stealing the election for Biden, civil unrest, or both.

Twenty twenty will go down in history as one of the most tumultuous years ever.  It only makes sense that this election result punctuates this distinction.

Dems will always vote for one of their own corrupt politicians regardless of their criminal misconduct. Biden is just the latest. Before him, it was Obama and the Clintons.

I agree with the author. Biden will not make it through his term. He’ll either croak from a heart attack or stroke, or he’ll become so mentally incapacitated that the embarrassment will be too much even for the Dems.

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