Fox News Favorability Among Republicans Plummets

When you crap on your audience, this happens.

Gateway Pundit

FOX News has signaled all year they are finished with their current audience.
They want a new one.

On Sunday just to show how much they hate their pro-Trump audience they posted a photo of Rudy Giuliani streaking with hair dye down his face.
It was the only photo they could find?

Their approval ratings are tanking with Republicans.

They’re in a free fall.


Their election 2020 coverage was absolutely shitty, and they refuse to acknowledge the rampant Dem voter fraud.

The addition of RINO Paul Ryan to their board of directors was bad enough. When liberal shitstains Chris Wallace, Juan Williams, and Donna Brazile were on, I turned the channel.  Now, I won’t be watching anymore. The evening shows like Tucker, Hannity, Ingraham, Pirro, and Levin are not enough to compensate for the slide down into the cesspool of leftwing agitprop.

OAN and NewsMax are the new conservative counterpoints. That’s what I’ll be watching.


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