House GOP Report States the Obvious: Hildabeast and Obama Lied About Benghazi

Ya think?

From the Washington Times.

House Republicans have concluded that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was responsible for cutting security at the consulate in Benghazi ahead of last year’s attack there, and that the administration lied about why it downplayed terrorism as the cause of the assault.

A new report — the result of months of investigation by five different House committees — says there was plenty of intelligence that presaged the attack, but the State Department and Obama failed to heed the warnings or give the Defense Department the authority to respond to such an attack.
In the most damning finding, House Republicans said Obama and his team lied about the attacks afterward, first by blaming mob violence spawned by an anti-Muslim video, and then wrongly saying it had misled the public because it was trying to protect an FBI investigation.

“This progress report reveals a fundamental lack of understanding at the highest levels of the State Department as to the dangers presented in Benghazi, Libya, as well as a concerted attempt to insulate the Department of State from blame following the terrorist attacks,” the GOP investigation concluded in its 46-page report.

The Obama administration has acknowledged providing an inaccurate explanation for the attacks early on — even though officials at the Defense Department said they knew it was a terrorist assault from the beginning.

Unanswered questions:

Who gave the order to stand down?

Who sent the drone to be used as a voyeur instead of a counter-attack weapon?

Who in the State Department made the decision to pull out three Mobile Security Deployment teams in August of 2012, telling the embassy to “do more with less”?

Who kept refusing to send extra security to the embassy?

Who exactly in the Obama regime went to all the trouble to scour the bowels of the YouTube library for an obscure video to blame for what was part of the muzzie rampage that had been going on for 21 months?

Not one of them accepts responsibility for the depraved indifference and total absence of leadership that resulted in the murder of four Americans at the hands of muzzie terrorists.

John “Band-Aid” Kerry isn’t much better than Hillary was.

Our foreign policy has been reduced to a shameful caricature of ineptitude and incompetency.  Congratulations, America. You reinstalled these assclowns for four more years.

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