Jacob Weisberg’s Crying Jag: Americans Are Too Stupid to Understand ‘Complicated Matters’

What angst. What pathos. What a pathetic twit.

Recently, Charles Fried blamed America for not recognizing THE ONE’s awesomeness.

Jacob Weisberg, chairman and editor-in-chief of The Slate joins in and wants you to know that you’re too stupid to appreciate THE ANOINTED ONE or understand the ‘complicated matters’ of the economy.


……The crisis has, however, been clarifying in several respects. To begin with, we can now say with some confidence that Washington will be doing nothing more to help the ailing economy. President Obama is trying to push a jobs agenda. But for the federal government to spur growth or create jobs, it has to spend additional money. The antediluvian Republicans who control Congress do not think that demand can be expanded in this way. They believe that the 2009 stimulus bill, which has prevented an even worse economy over the past two years, is actually responsible for the current weakness.

NO, Einstein. Spending too much money on wasteful bullshit is what got us to a $14+ trillion worse economy.
Obama’s “shovel ready” agenda has lost 4 million jobs since he took office.  Unemployment went from 7.5 million in January of 2009 to 13.9 million  as of 5 August 2011.

Throwing money at unemployment doesn’t work.  What works are tax incentives, a satanic idea to liberals, and letting the free market economy determine which businesses should flourish and which ones should liquidate.  Investors and business entrepreneurs help drive the economy. They keep the wheels turning by creating jobs and hiring people.

That’s the way free market capitalism is supposed to work.

Every time the government sticks its nose where it doesn’t belong, the economy suffers.  The government should do its part by practicing fiscal responsibility, especially with regard to entitlements, foreign aid, and discretionary spending.

……Some lessons of the crisis have added significance beyond our shores. One is that America now regards its most solemn financial obligations as flexible commitments. The problem isn’t just that some members of Congress were willing to contemplate national default. It was that some of them clearly desired default as a kind of ultimate weapon against social spending. The precedent has been set for using America’s credit rating as blackmail. The issue comes up again in less than a year and a half, at which point the masochistic drama of recent weeks could be repeated with a different outcome. This is the way in which the United States resembles Greece—not in its underlying creditworthiness, but in making the matter of paying its debts a political question.

Any country that borrows and spends as irresponsibly as ours, and incurred such a high debt, doesn’t deserve a high credit rating.   If we keep going in the same direction we’ll end up being like Greece sooner than he thinks. If keeping tabs on the debt limit and our credit rating is “blackmail”, Weisberg has a shit  factory for a brain.

And here’s the crescendo of Weisberg’s sob story:

At the level of political culture, we have learned some other sobering lessons: that compromise is dead and that there’s no point trying to explain complicated matters to the American people. The president has tried reasonableness and he has failed. It has been astonishing to watch Obama’s sheer unwillingness to give up on his opponents after their refusal to work with him on the stimulus package, health care reform, or the extension of the Bush tax cuts last fall. A Congress dominated by mindless cannibals is now feasting on a supine president. But surely even he now realizes there’s no middle ground with antagonists whose only interest is in seeing him humiliated.

A Congress dominated by mindless cannibals is now feasting on a supine president.

Well, bon appetite.

The Dems controlled both Houses of Congress between 2005-2010. And they did considerable damage after Obama took office.   Those vampires sucked the lifeblood out of this country.  Like that analogy, Weisberg?

The government ran up this debt; we the people did not. Corrupt politicians ram through wasteful pork barrel spending without our consent and then dig into our pockets so as not to ‘shrink the government’, says Timothy Geithner.

While Mr. Reasonableness yucks it up over his power grabs and hallucinatory “shovel-ready” job creations, the country has been thrown down a socialist economic black hole that no shovel can reach.  Spread the wealth.

Effetes like Weisberg view us as just a bunch of dullards who don’t  understand unemployment, the deplorable state of the U.S. economy, or the out of control spending by a socialist kleptocracy. Just what we need; another pompous “educated” assclown to inform the ignorant masses that we just don’t know what’s good for us.

The real dullard is Obama, who  fails to understand the consequences of his “fundamental transformation”.

As for the refusal to work with Obama on the stimulus, ObamaCare, or the extension of the Bush tax cuts, you’re goddamned right we didn’t. Obama misspent billions in taxpayer funds bailing out his union friends, taking over 2/3rds of the auto industry, forcing TARP on banks, and “stimulus” to phantom districts and atrocious pork projects.

ObamaCare is an unconstitutional government power grab.  He is trying to create a commerce (i.e. “activity) which is  not allowed by the Constitution.  There’s nothing remotely “individual” about the ObamaCare mandate.  The Constitution does not give Congress the power to require that Americans purchase government mandated services, including health insurance.   Nor does it permit the federal government to force citizens to use their own money to purchase government mandated services. Period.

The Commerce Clause, which the Dems used as justification for their health care mandate,  has been twisted and manipulated  to justify the use of federal laws that have little to do with interstate commerce.  The clause established federal rules to ensure fair practices in the trade of goods across state boundaries.  It has nothing to do with a government-created commerce which forces citizens, by law, to purchase said commerce.

The one thing that flies over Weisberg’s pointy head is that Americans will not tolerate the tyrannical abuse of the Constitution and the DemLeft habit of spewing hateful rhetoric and disrespect at citizens who oppose their arrogant malfeasance.

That’s probably too complicated for Weisberg to understand.

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  1. I just got a copy of “the Bush Tragedy” from Big Lots for 50cents after reading it I think I got ripped off.

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