Latest Pentagon Documents Leak Exposes Failure in Ukraine


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The latest: a horrific leak of classified documents that’s undermined Ukraine’s defense against Russia, damaged relations with allies, exposed intelligence sources and further eroded trust.

Meanwhile, the docs expose (some of) the damage Joe Biden’s already done to America’s standing in the world.

And the Bidenites have no clue how such sensitive documents could’ve become public, or what more might surface.

“We don’t know who’s behind this” or “what the motive is,” conceded National Security Council spokesman John Kirby. Is that worrisome? “You’re darn right it is.”

Meanwhile, the prez is busy trying to repair the damage . . . oh, wait, no: He’s gallivanted off with Hunter and the rest of the family to Ireland.

Where he’s dodging the press.

He plainly doesn’t want to discuss what the docs seem to reveal.

Like info on the preparation of Ukrainian brigades in advance of an expected offensive, and on tanks, artillery, equipment and supply lines. And word that the war-torn nation’s air defenses will be exhausted by next month.

This, when Biden (even as that intel was presented to him) was publicly telling President Volodymyr Zelensky, “We have every confidence that you’re going to continue to prevail.”

The docs claim that Egypt, an ally that receives billions in US aid, planned to produce and ship up to 40,000 rockets to Russia, The Washington Post reported. They paint Israel’s Mossad as playing politics, and also insult South Korea’s leaders. (Each allied government denies the relevant “revelations.”)

What country now will trust Washington — on policy or on keeping secrets?

All this also (again) calls into question the competence of the US intelligence community, not just in failing to prevent the leaks, but in sharing such radioactive (and in many cases dubious) info so freely.

All this follows a string of monumental Biden screw-ups abroad — from the disastrously botched bugout in Afghanistan to his failure to immediately disable the Chinese spy balloon to his pathetic reliance on sanctions threats (rather than immediate military aid to Kyiv) to deter Russia’s invasion.

Biden’s domestic debacles (the border crisis, still-spiraling inflation, etc.) have weakened America at home, but his disasters on the world stage add up to genuine catastrophe.



Larry Johnson, ex-CIA analyst at Gateway Pundit

Just because some information is presented in a classified briefing, that does not mean it is necessarily true or accurate. The men and women who put these briefings together or wrote the intelligence reports are human and can make mistakes. Keep that in mind as you read the rest of this article.

Let’s take a look at two of the BLUFs on three of the briefing slides. Remember, BLUF is the acronym for Bottom Line Up Front. If you are going to prepare briefings in the U.S. military you have to be proficient in the use of acronyms. The first two images are dated 28 February 2023. It is important to understand that this is a snapshot judgment based on the information that the Defense Intelligence Agency had in hand on that date.

BLUF #1 — Current UKR Air Defense (AD) plan balances limited resources to protect critical national infrastructure (CNI), population centers, front line of troops (FLOT), and other key assets across Ukraine. UKRs ability to provide medium range air defense to protect the FLOT <strong”>will be completely reduced by MAY 23. UKR assessed to withstand 2 – 3 more wave strikes. As 1st Layer Defense munitions run out, 2nd and 3rd Layer expenditure rates will increase, reducing the ability to defend against Russian aerial attacks from all altitudes.



The red blocks on the right hand side of the image above show the dates when the particular Ukrainian AD systems will cease to exist or be able to fire.

The next slide provides a more detailed explanation of what is in store for Ukrainian AD capabilities:


1. SA – 10 and SA – 11 comprise 89% of Ukraine’s Air Defense medium/high-range, medium/high-range (>20,000 ft.) Based on current interceptor consumption:

  • BUK (SA – 11) will be completely depleted by 31 MAR 2023
  • S – 300 (SA – 10) will have be (sic) completely depleted by 02 MAY 2023

2. AD systems with remaining interceptor inventory (SA – 3, SA – 12, NASAAM, IRIS – T, etc.) have a limited quantity of systems, which means that only select assets can be covered. They are unable to match the Russian volume and cannot be layered.

3. US/A&P SHORAD (Short – Range Air Defense System) contributions (Stinger, Avenger, Gephard, Crotale, etc.) continue to mitigate the expenditure of Strategic and Tactical SAMs. However, short – range, low altitude systems do not have the same deterrent effect on the threat of Russian multi-role aircraft tot the FLOT and CNI.

4. Limited or no Ukrainian Air-to-Air Defense (A2AD).

5. Multiple mitigating systems must be simultaneously pursued to increase decision for more sustainable solutions.



Ukraine no longer has an Air Defense capability that can shoot down Russian missiles and combat aircraft flying above 20,000 feet. This turned out to be a prescient assessment. During the past three weeks, the Russians have been using more aerial delivered bombs launched by combat aircraft and have scaled back the use of missiles. And no, that does not mean Russia ran out of missiles, it is simply more cost effect and more lethal to drop 500 kilo and 1500 kilo bombs on Ukrainian positions. This fact also helps explain why Ukrainian casualties have gone up.

Pay close attention to this next BLUF. It concerns the reports on Ukrainian and Russian casualties.

“We have low confidence in Russian (RUS) and Ukrainian (UKR) attrition rates and inventories because of information gaps, OPSEC and IO efforts, and potential bias in UKR information sharing. Casualty assessments, which fluctuate depending on the source, are informed by RUS, Wagner, and UKR officials. In the below sustainability assessments, high indicates the forces can sustain operations across all domains, moderate indicates the forces have difficulty sustaining operations in one domain, and low indicates the forces are unable to sustain operations across multiple domains.”


What this assessment does not provide is a detailed explanation of the sources for the casualty and loss figures. This is shocking. DIA has the ability using overhead imagery to count destroyed and damage vehicles, tanks and artillery. If they were doing that I would expect the document to be classified TOP SECRET by virtue of the systems employed to gather such information. Instead, this document is classified S/NF.

I believe the information about Russian losses came from the Ukrainians. That is why the Russian casualties are exaggerated and the Ukrainian losses are minimized. That is why, in the BLUF, the brief specifically mentions, “potential bias in UKR information sharing.” This is just a nice way of saying, we know Ukraine is lying but policy considerations prevent us from saying so.

Notwithstanding the deception about Russia’s actual casualties and equipment losses, these briefings paint a dire picture of Ukraine losing its ability to fend off missile and aircraft attacks. And that is exactly what has happened.

An acquaintance who I respect, was quite willing to accept the Ukrainian claims in the early days of the war at face value. No longer. He now concedes that Ukraine is routinely lying to the U.S. about troop strength, readiness and battlefield achievements.

There is still lots of happy talk in the U.S. and NATO about Ukraine holding firm and Russia running out of shells. But media outlets fully supportive of the Biden policy in Ukraine are telling a different story.



Biden dragged America into the Russia-Ukraine war and lies his ass off about it.

The Dems and RINOs care more about the borders of the corrupt country that paid the Biden family billions for shady deals, than our own borders. So far, Biden has gifted $100 billion to Zelensky and there’s zero accountability.

He’s hiding in Ireland during the latest fallout.  During the Afghanistan withdrawal disaster, he and Kammy were no where to be found.

That’s the strategy. Facing blowback from your fuckups? Just hide.

81 million votes my ass.



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