Liberal Writer Gets Red-Pilled

Don Surber

On October 9, 2021, Elizabeth Emery had a message to her readers at her Dinosaurs Can’t Read blog: “For the Last Time – I am Not a G** D*** Republican!”


Now she is dealing with her first pregnancy.

This week she wrote for Quillette, “The Erasure of Women From Online Pregnancy Literature

“After lugging around two fetuses that won’t stop kicking my bladder, I have no patience left for gender activists who pretend that men can give birth.”

No normal person says men give birth.

She wrote, “I’m no fan of the credential-cataloguing throat-clearing that writers often do in the opening paragraphs of essays such as this one. But I think it’s necessary to mention something of my background, because I’m not a social conservative and certainly not a reactionary bigot. Before the U.S. Supreme Court ensured that gay men and women had the right to marry everywhere in the United States, I advocated passionately for marriage equality, and I was highly involved in my college’s LGBT club. I’ve dated transgender and transvestite men. I’ve taught transgender students, and I nearly ghostwrote a biography for a transgender woman. I don’t think transgender people should face discrimination in housing or employment, except in such limited areas where biological sex really does matter. I certainly don’t want any transgender person to feel that his or her life is devalued. Yet none of that changes my belief in the plain fact that sex differences between men and women are real, and that medical language around pregnancy—among other topics—ought to speak directly to biological women, full stop.”

So, she checked all the requisite boxes that qualify her as “diverse and tolerant”, but the square peg of woke doesn’t fit into the round hole of reality. Cognitive dissonance is a real eye opener.

……She wrote, “One of the gifts of pregnancy is that it makes certain truths excruciatingly clear. Accidentally vomiting on my feet in public because I can’t always get to a garbage can every time I leave the house is not so easily followed by watching President Biden seriously interview an adult biological man going through a grotesquely stereotypical transgender girlhood. Flowery sundresses, petting puppies, and flouncing one’s hair playfully while crossing the street, all while sipping daintily from a blended drink? Cut the shit, please. That’s a lot of things, but it is not literal womanhood, and I’m no longer interested in acting like it is because someone’s feelings might be hurt.”

Emery is not alone on this journey from the cliff.

Matt Taibbi began his journey from Rolling Stone to Substack independence by calling out Russiagate in 2017 for what it was. BS.

His latest piece is about the Election Denial of Hillary versus the Election Denial of President Trump.

…….Taibbi wrote, “‘Election Denial’ for Me, But Not for Thee: YouTube Censors TK-Produced Videos, Again, Despite Factual Accuracy.”

His piece began:

In late September videographer Matt Orfalea made a pair of videos for TK. One, Memory Holed: “The Election Was Hacked,” seen above, was a simple montage of Democratic politicians, media officials, and enforcement officials saying the 2016 election was, among other things, “illegitimate,” “rigged,” “hacked,” and a “cyber 9/11.”

The second, Memory Holed, Part II: The “Rigged” Election, was a similar exercise, with one exception: it compared the post-2020 statements of Donald Trump to the post-2016 statements of Democratic partisans. When Trump tells Chris Wallace, “I have to see,” when asked if he’d concede an election, Orfalea shows Hillary Clinton saying, “No, I would not,” when asked in 2017 — after her loss — if she’d contest the results. He shows Trump later saying he’ll of course respect the results, “if I win,” and Hillary Clinton saying Joe Biden should not concede “under any circumstances,” essentially exact analogs.

Taibbi is being objective, which is now a sin in journalism. Newsweek too is trying now to show both sides of the story by running commentary by conservatives. The latest featured was Charles Stallworth, a union railroad worker, who wrote, “The Tantrum at Twitter Reveals How Privileged the Liberal Laptop Class Really Is.”

He wrote, “People bemoaning the end of Twitter under Musk wanted him to fail. Twitter was a D.C. establishment propaganda arm and they want it back under their control. That’s what this uproar has been about since Musk bought this company.

“The drama around employees quitting for being asked to act like employees reveals not just the class divide separating the knowledge industry, tech, and other elite professions from us blue collar workers, but how deeply embedded Twitter had become in the Democratic machine, and how connected to those same knowledge industry elites.

“Whatever happens next, at least we now have proof of that.”

I cannot disagree with a word of his conclusion.

Over time, the excesses of liberalism destroys liberalism. Elizabeth Emery is Not a G** D*** Republican!

But if she wants to protect herself and her twins, she will start voting that way.

Liberals push the most depraved, bizarre, psychotic agendas in the world, which unfortunately, become policy.

We live in a time where mental illness and emotional instability are celebrated by media, Progs, and bat-shit crazy Dem politicians.

The whole “gender identity” circus is out of control. Ex-athlete Bruce (“Caitlyn”) Jenner, Biden’s HHS Secretary Richard (“Rachel”) Levine, and Sam Brinton, Biden’s Dept. of Energy drag queen, can add or subtract anatomy, use concocted pronouns, put on dresses, high heels, and all the makeup they want, but the Y Chromosome is still embedded in their DNA. A man in a dress with a bulge in front claiming to be a “girl”  is as unhinged as it gets.

Even some lesbian activists have had enough of the insane Left.  The dysphoria has seeped into medical schools, which are denying the facts of biological sex. There is no more science. It’s all ideology based theory now.


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