Meanwhile, Antifa Keeps Up With the DemLeft-Inspired Violence


Across the country in Portland, on the same night that a mob of protesters broke into the Capitol building, a mob of ANTIFA protesters smashed the windows of businesses and tried to break into a courthouse. As Andy NGO notes, it’s their 3rd riot since New Year’s Eve.

One mob of protesters is being called insurrectionists, nearly universally condemned, losing jobs and facing long prison sentences. The other mob of protesters in Portland is being given a free pass.

This is incredibly hypocritical and is not a sustainable situation, yet Democrats have been encouraging, supporting, and covering for these rioters all year long. It’s great to see liberals upset about rioting today, but that does still apply when #Blacklivesmatter and ANTIFA do it? Apparently not. Do you want to see the world we live in summed up in two tweets?








……Liberals may believe they can live in that world, but they can’t. Either we’re going to have mobs of protesters from across the ideological spectrum running wild or we’re not going to have mobs of protesters running wild.

That is the double standard modus operandi of the Left.  Expect more of that when Biden’s regime is installed.

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