The Government’s Unleashed Authoritarianism

Greg Gutfeld

Here’s one thing we didn’t expect. How authoritarianism was unleashed in businesses by our government. The government made the regulations which put it on waitresses and hostesses and mattress salesman to force you to comply. And then it was up to the cops to arrest you if you didn’t. So while the government looks benign, it’s your neighbors who became the enforcers.

What better way to unify a nation’s people than force them into the roles of cops and robbers. You couldn’t divide people any more efficiently with a table saw? And I’ve tried. But you know what? A lot of people liked it. People became OK with incremental authoritarianism, like the frog in that slow boiling water and experiment I’m sure Fauci invented the sick bastard. They enjoy the moments without knowing how it all will end.

……It gave obnoxious people power. See, authoritarianism doesn’t just show up one day screaming hey, everyone, I’m an authoritarian. It comes gradually step by step, like an undetected malignant tumor. It just grows. And who knew that entertainers and journalists usually considered skeptics of power, would happily embrace becoming the man?

……And so the rebels have become the establishment choosing fear over risk management. But risk management is not just brave. It’s sensible. The world is not your house that you can make childproof. And you can’t leave it to bozos who see risk only being acceptable at zero, that destroyed society. You’d have to lock yourself in the basement to survive….

But it’s hard to explain this to people in love with their own authority. You can’t wrestle fear away from them…..The people in charge right now aren’t risk managers, they’re ass protectors trying to keep themselves from being fired, sued, or even arrested. And they deserve little respect given they never clearly gave us the whole story. Think about it.

They’ve been applying the same risk profile from one person to the next, without any clarity. A 10-year-old skateboarder somehow has the same risk profile as a 65-year-old obese smoker. So they both must mask up and outside. It’s like hiring a tax accountant for your six-year-old who ran a lemonade stand. You know, because it’s April and you just never know. Fact is the government isn’t crazy about telling you about your lower risk profile because then you won’t adhere to their uniform rules.

So the government needs to have a uniform risk which is a uniform lie that creates a uniform panic. It’s why they never talked about obesity and other metrics of bad health. They preferred you scared, screw them. Remember, it wasn’t you or me who made the virus and let it out. It was them. If it were you you’d be receiving your dinner through a slot in your cell door for the rest of your damn life.

But the people who thought it was fine to increase lethality and contagiousness of coronavirus in Wuhan are now lecturing us about risk. It’s nuts.


It was never about public health and safety. It’s about power. Government tyrants can’t do it alone. They have the backing of a fraudulent media, a compliant audience and a lying incompetent megalomaniac in charge of the nation’s health policies.

There’s also a supply of quislings who gladly report their neighbors for disobeying Dear Leader’s edicts.

Government abuse of power is more dangerous than any virus.

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