The Leftwingnut Meltdown Begins

I can’t stop laughing. The meltdown. The drama. The insane rants.

The left is not only bat-shit stupid, they have zero understanding of the Constitution. They are totally unhinged.






A pro-Hillary video put out by obnoxious Hollywood douchebags, contains idiotic lyrics laced with epithets and profanity. You can’t make up this shit. They actually thought this ridiculous freak show passed for a public service announcement.


They’re also flooding shrinks in NYC. They need therapy for their post-traumatic election syndrome.

Obama’s soon-to-be ex-staff wearing long faces:




True to form, the leftie nutburgers and black thugs are rioting, committing assault, making death threats, vandalizing, and spewing psychotic rants.

Violent lefties burned cars, American flags, and rampaged in the streets.

Emotional hemophiliacs” is a great description.

And then there’s this shitbag:



After his post gained exposure and criticism, the little pussy locked down his settings so you can’t see his posts, but it’s a fine example of liberal ‘tolerance’.

College admins regale students with anti-Trump diatribes.

‘Cry ins’, counseling, and canceled classes.

Monuments vandalized.

A crying jag from a snowflake at Penn State.

Widespread violence.

A lighter note: Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook mogul, and radical left-wing globalist, is feeling ‘hopeful’.

The crybullies are all about “peace and equality”,  all the while burning flags, committing arson, destroying property, blocking traffic, assaulting people, and putting innocent lives in danger.

They went from “Stronger Together” to saying “people have to die” because Trump won a free election. So much fail.

The protests are not ‘spontaneous’. They’re orchestrated and funded by the likes of A.N.S.W.E.R. and George Soros.  All this shit is ‘Occupy‘ redux.

In contrast: We didn’t like the fact that B. Hussein was installed in 08′ and 12’ but how many of us rioted and acted like savages on the streets?

Tea Party rallies were loud but orderly and peaceful.

I raised hell in 2008 after Barky was installed the first time.  In 2012, I wrote about what to expect from his continued destruction of America. Everything I predicted came true. Everything.

I emailed politicians, blogged, and voted.  As angry as I still am, I won’t riot and act like an animal. The only time you will witness the violent uprising of patriots is if government jackboots decide to take their oppression to a whole new level.

So, to all the tantrum-throwing children and thugs: Hillary (thank God) lost. The only thing for you to do now is jump in front of a train.

The rule of law is back, cupcakes. It’s something you’re just going to have to get used to.


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3 thoughts on “The Leftwingnut Meltdown Begins”

  1. Jeffery Washington

    So maybe,if half of America leaves because they didn’t get their way, we can start over and repopulate with intelligent, thinking people. By sending to their rooms, the lockstep PC drones, grown ups can now step in again and fix what the thumb sucking sniveling little crybabies fucked up. Never let children or elitists near the controls. They have no idea what they’re doing and will certainly break something. Let’s hope Trump and the Republican Party can fix the damage.

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