The Regressive Traits of ‘Social Justice’

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I think I’m almost envious of the people on the front lines of social justice. It must be so wonderful to live in a world where you feel you are righteous and saving the world. It must be a magnificent feeling to know with absolute certainty that you’re forging a path of tolerance and understanding.
I just can not imagine what it’s like to wake up in the morning, feeling you’ve evened the playing field for women and minorities. It must feel fabulous to think that you’ve saved them all from the clutches of an oppressive white patriarchy.
I really would like to know the name of the drugs you folks are doing, because it’s got to take a strong level of self-inflicted brain damage to believe that much bullshit while the world is in such a state of chaos. I’m actually in awe of your magnificent stupidity.
When I wake up in the morning I’m both simultaneously delighted and depressed. I’m delighted because I’ve lived another day and can write more articles, and depressed because I’m hit with the stunning realization that I may live to see the world burn around me before I’m an old woman.

……It’s not that I’m against the idea of it. It all looks pretty solid in theory. You integrate society, remove barriers for women and minorities, and try to make everyone feel comfortable. You do your best to love and tolerate folks and appreciate differences. You know all that wonderful hippie shit. It all sounds marvelous and fantastic on paper.
Don’t get me wrong, tolerance and understanding are fabulous, but that’s not what social justice promotes. This is mainly because social justice is incompatible with the nature of mankind. What I mean by this, is that human beings are never satisfied. Good is never good enough. It is a ravenous beast that is incapable of being satiated.

We can integrate countries, promote diversity, add in some affirmative action, and cater to feminists, but none of it will ever be good enough. We start from a position of wanting to help people and eventually end up demonizing and oppressing the alleged oppressors. This fact coupled with a lack of self-awareness becomes a perfect storm of self-destruction.

……Even here in the United States, the focus has gone from preserving individual freedoms to protecting the people perceived to be a kind of victim class. Now maybe I’m just some kind of ignorant beast, but I always admired the ideal of people treating each other as peers and equals.
If I had to choose, whether to live in a society where we glorify victims or one where we give the downtrodden opportunities to elevate themselves, I will pick the latter every single time. A civilization that uses victimhood as social currency can never be sustainable because it will always demand to be given more than that civilization possesses.
The social justice mindset doesn’t have us treating each others as equals. It presumes that everyone is either a victim or an oppressor in every scenario. Meaning that a person can not venture to elevate themselves, lest they become oppressors themselves.

……Unfortunately, anything that may have been achieved for women in the west will not matter at this rate, because of the social justice warrior empathy for radical Islamists that stand in opposition to almost all of their core values.
In fact, European governments have been such pushovers in their desire to be diverse, that they’ve let in thousands of Islamic refugees. Some of whom see any unaccompanied women as fair game for sexual assault. As a result, some authorities are now asking women to dress modestly, to not go out alone at night, and to keep all strangers at an arms length.
Let me break that down for you. For over one hundred years, women ask for the ability to be independent and to wear what they want. They asked for autonomy and agency which they received.

……We’ve gotten to this place of regression…because of the desire on the part of social justice warriors to cater to people, that they perceive to be victims.

……The reason that it will be Islam that regresses society is because of stupid white people with lofty ideals who perceive Islam as a race and not a religion. They want to save all the brown people and feel like heroes. They think they are saving the world with their white guilt, and no one can tell them otherwise.

……In fact, the proponents of intersectional theory and diversity, are now so far regressed that they are laying the groundwork for selective racial re-segregation. Only now it’s not called segregation, it’s called creating safe spaces, preventing cultural colonization, and stopping cultural appropriation.

……They are a beast that eventually destroys itself from the inside out. In their attempts to help women and minorities, they eventually destroy any lasting progress they might’ve made and regress to primitive tribalism and infighting.
We’ve gotten to where we are in the west by valuing merit and individual freedoms. We’ve progressed through capitalism and making important information accessible to all people. Now all of this is at risk. Equality, freedom, justice, those values may all soon be on the chopping block. Sacrifices all made, to the insatiable cause of social justice.


Excellent article.

I’m a female and former Soldier (retired) who worked my way through life to earn what I have. I entered the service as a young Soldier in the mid-Seventies. I retired in 2006 after 30 total years of service, and two tours in Iraq. I could tell you some stories about the shit I went through. I know the difference between real sexism and accusations based on victimology.

There’s a big difference between accomplishment through merit and hard work and the new culture of ‘gimmedats’ who expect entitlements based on gender, race, ethnicity, and whichever protected class they’ve been assigned. I grew up in a time where sexism was institutionalized and feminism was actually a good force that fought for equal opportunity. The keyword being opportunity. Over the years, it’s morphed into cultural fascism along with the rest of the liberal, black radical, and DemProg agendas.

Speaking of that, college campuses have turned into a petri dish of bat-shit crazy dysfunction.

The current rampage of black thug activists (‘Black Lives Matter) and white liberal spoiled brats is a culmination of years of leftwing indoctrination poured into the malleable skulls of college students.  Most of them have never been independent or self-reliant.  Their world centers around sophomoric narratives and SJW drivel. “Safe spaces” from  “microaggression” have become the norm. Just wait until these little snowflakes graduate, get out into the real world, and find out that no employer in their right mind will cater to their wild-assed fantasies.

And God forbid if a conservative black person steps outside the designated SJW box.  They get attacked in social media with some of the worst racist and sexist epithets you’ve ever seen; from ‘tolerant liberals’.

Europe, which prides itself by being the most tolerant, effete, open-minded, and morally superior alternative to America, has really screwed the pooch by allowing thousands of radical muzzie male refujihadists into their countries.  These are not ‘refugees’, they’re Islamofascist miscreants hellbent on creating a new Caliphate through Sharia law. The radical lefties have really outdone themselves and their citizens aren’t too pleased with the consequences of  ‘multiculturalism’. The rapefest in Cologne is just the beginning. Islam is a violent, misogynist, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian theocracy diametrically opposed to democracy and freedom.  Funny how the same SJW who tout Islam as a “religion of peace” would never subject themselves to the brutality. Muslims are doing exactly what is proscribed in their Koran.   And just think, Barky wants to do that to America, as well. His wet dream of importing 10,000 more muzzie “refugees” isn’t sitting very well with most of the population.

Ms. Edwards is absolutely correct about the self-induced decay of Western society. Whatever happens and how badly, can be blamed squarely on a triad of factors: tyrannical governments that trample individual and civil liberties in the name of “tolerance”, a compliant media, and complacent citizens who are unwilling to stand and fight for their freedoms.


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