Censored in the ‘Land of the Free’: John Stossel’s Look at Leftwing Censorship in America

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The following segment aired on John Stossel’s Take on Fox News Business.  The commentary documents the ominous oppression of freedom of speech in a country that was founded, in part, on the principles of free expression and thought.

America is the first country to say to its people: all of you have a right to speak. But today speech is under siege.

ISLAM: Americans fear speaking about Islam – and with good reason. Ten cartoonists were recently murdered for drawing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad. Other critics have been shot, firebombed, and hacked to death. I interview people brave enough to speak out, like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who is on an Al Qaeda “Wanted Dead or Alive” hit list, and Bosch Fawstin, who won the “Draw Mohammad” cartoon event in Garland, Texas that was attacked by Islamic gunmen. They argue that if Americans want freedom, everyone must refuse to be censored by violent extremists.

CAMPUS CENSORSHIP: Students today are kept away from words and ideas they may find disturbing. “The Silencing” author, Kirsten Powers, says colleges are “ground zero” in the fight for free speech, but George Mason Professor Jeremy Mayer says complaints about censorship are right wing paranoia. Powers also argues that leftists have gone from opposing censorship to supporting it. They even attack their own for stepping outside left-wing orthodoxy; people who say the wrong thing lose jobs.

HOME RAIDS: In Wisconsin, police raided the homes of political activists, accusing them of illegal “collusion” with campaign staffs. Authorities confiscated their computers and cell phones, and ordered them (and their children!) not to speak to anyone about the raids. Recently Wisconsin’s Supreme Court revoked the speech ban, saying prosecutors “employed theories of law that did not exist.” But by then, Republican activists had been silenced for 5 years.

VICTIMS: The former CEO of Mozilla Brendan Eich, Pax Dickinson of Business Insider, Paula Deen of the Food Network, and real estate entrepreneurs David and Jason Benham all lost jobs because of something they said.

MY AND MARK STEYN’S TAKE: Mark Steyn was prosecuted by the Canadian government for criticizing Islam. He spent his own money defending his right to speak and won. He explains why more speech, not less, is the answer to diverse ideas. Half a century ago, gay rights was an extremely minority idea. “It’s only because…you could argue your case…that a tiny little minority idea expanded.” That doesn’t happen in “control freak societies,” like the Muslim world, where “there’s nothing left to do but kill, and bomb, and shoot.”


1. Islam is currently the most dangerous threat to liberty, freedom, and Western civilization. You can thank the libtard cowards and the RINOs’ lack of guts for that.  The Obama regime, the leftwing-dominated mainstream media,  the military hierarchy, and academic intelligentsia have all contributed. They pander, kowtow, appease, and dismiss any notion of the fact that Islam is a violent theocracy, and that its followers are committing atrocities proscribed in the Koran.

The cancer of Islam has been allowed to metastasize worldwide because the very targets of muzzie violence are in the throes of weapons-grade stupidity and ignorance. The terrorist attacks happen right in front of them and the muzzie perps are very clear about their intent and purpose.

No American, or any citizen of a country that touts freedom, should fear for their lives and jobs because they dare to speak out against a culture of Islamic thugs.

The Canadian  “Human Rights Commission” brought charges against author Mark Steyn for an article he wrote in Maclean’s titled “America Alone”. The article discussed the rise of Islamofascism and the contributing factor of Western complicity in its ascension.  The charges were finally dropped after public outrage. The fact that those charges were leveled at all speaks volumes.

The Left shields and defends Islam because they have a lot in common.  Both hate what they deem as ‘American imperialism’, and the Left loves the notion of a terrorist group giving America its ‘comeuppance’ even if they kill fellow Americans in the process.  And the thought of an American sniper sending muzzies to hell gives them convulsions.

2. The PC insanity is rampant on college campuses, where anything and everything can be construed as ‘offensive’ by the aggrieved group du jour.  Targets of the perpetually outraged ‘tolerant’ liberal students:  white people, straight people, Republicans, conservatives, Christians, Halloween, gender-specific bathrooms, critics of Islam, critics of the ‘black lives matter’ thuggery, critics of illegal aliens and their cohorts,  and anyone who doesn’t get into the whole bat-shit crazy ‘diversity’ agenda.

3. Between 2010 and 2012, John Chisholm, a Democrat from the office of the Milwaukee district attorney, turned an investigation of embezzlement into a full-blown blitzkrieg involving home invasions against American citizens guilty of nothing more than exercising their First Amendment rights to support Act 10 and other conservative causes in Wisconsin.  This kind of shit is sanctioned by the Left and excused by their media tools.   The victims, led by Eric O’Keefe and the Wisconsin Club for Growth, took a lawsuit against Chisholm and his gang of thugs all the way to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The decision did not go well for Chisholm.  The Wisconsin Supreme Court effectively brought Chisholm’s jackbooted thuggery to a halt.

During the union protests against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s budget/collective bargaining bill, the goons made death threats, and ransacked offices to steal recall petitions.  Chisholm’s fascism is part of that.

What happened in Wisconsin is similar to Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. A cabal of Demprog storm troopers literally trampled the Constitutional rights of citizens and broke the law in the process. Wisconsin is a veritable cesspool of union thugs and DemProglodytes hellbent on squashing anyone who stands in the way of their corruption. Chisholm and his cronies should be charged with abuse of office and unlawful intimidation and frogmarched off to jail.

4.  Brendan Eich, former CEO of Mozilla, chose to resign from his position instead of fight the gaystapo mob who called for his head. The antagonist in this bullshit was the CEO of dating service OkCupid.com, Sam Yagan, who encouraged his customers not to use Mozilla’s Firefox browser because of the Mozilla CEO’s past support of Proposition 8.  Well, surprise surprise, it turns out Yagen donated money to Congressman Utah Rep. Chris Cannon, who opposed the adoption of children by gay couples.  Yagan didn’t have the guts to apologize for his hypocrisy, and no one in the gaggle of shrieking fags called for his resignation.  Go figure.  While the homosexual lobby in America has tantrums over wedding cakes and marriage licenses, their counterparts in the Middle East are being tossed off buildings, burned alive, and stoned to death.

On a side note, Julie Burchill makes the point that for some leftwing males, Islam’s misogyny has a certain appeal. 

Paula Deen got a raw deal from the Food Network after it was revealed that she told racial jokes. So fucking what? Everyone, regardless of color has joked about other ethnicities, but selective outrage and double standards are usually directed toward whites, while liberal and black entertainers, politicians, and media personalities get a pass.

Society is under siege from PC Nazis who want to shape your opinions, lifestyle, behavior, and principles to their jackbooted leftwing new world order. It’s not enough to simply disagree and argue with an opinion; death threats, harassment on social media, intimidation, and violence are the methods of leftwing political discourse.

People are fed up and have started to push back. Marc Steyn is just one example. Businesses like Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-A  stood up to Obama and the gaystapo and won.

More of that needs to happen.


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