America’s Slide Into Hell

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I’m old enough to remember watching news reports about the Soviet Union and its Eastern European satellite states describing electricity blackouts, showing stores with empty shelves and people standing in long lines at shops to purchase scarce necessities.

Commentators explained how only government officials had access to nice homes or cars and how only government employees and Communist Party members were exempt from the rules they established for the populace.

I saw it for myself in the early 1960s when I visited East Germany, crossing through Check Point Charlie, into East Berlin. I visited again 20 years later in the early 1980s before the “Wall” came down. Nothing had changed in that 20-year interval. The city was still drab, people on the street dour and scruffily dressed, and store shelves still empty.

I witnessed the armed VOPO (Volkspolizei) guards, minefields along the border wall, and vicious dogs that kept their sad citizens from crossing into the West. The guards, army and government agents were the only people in East Germany with guns, the populace had long ago been disarmed.

In an attempt to spend the worthless East German currency we were forced to accept at the border crossing in exchange for West German Deutsch Marks, my colleague and I approached an elderly woman on the street selling a few bottles of booze from a sparsely stocked shelf on a wall behind her. We each bought one of her last remaining bottles.

A few weeks later in my apartment in Paris, a friend from the UK was visiting and explaining to me the marvels of socialism and how Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was ruining Britain. I offered him a drink, poured him a glass of my East German hootch, and asked him to tell me what he thought. He wrinkled his nose, pursed his lips, and spat: “That’s the worst thing I’ve ever tasted. What is it?” I responded saying, “It’s what you’re talking about.”

I recall thinking during both visits to East Germany how fortunate I was to be a citizen of the United Sates, a country and culture that gave the world miraculous advances in science and medicine and a free market that raised billions of people around the world out of poverty. The misery I saw in that East German socialistic hellhole was nonexistent in America, just the opposite.

Not anymore. In just 18 months under Joe Biden the United States is becoming what I observed in East Berlin.

Everything Biden says is a lie. He blames inflation, supply chain problems, astronomical gas and energy prices, his foreign policy failures, potential rolling electricity blackouts, racial division, high crime, rioting and looting, Covid , etc. on Donald Trump, Putin, greedy oil companies, the weather, the bogeyman under his bed, etc. He ignores the wide-open southern border, failing to even acknowledge the massive illegal invasion, human trafficking, drug smuggling and hordes of terrorists and criminals pouring into the country. He actually said our Constitutional rights, particularly the Second Amendment, “are not absolute.”

He assembled a cabinet that resembles the island of misfit toys including a transportation secretary that couldn’t deliver a newspaper from a bike; a Treasury secretary who admits she miscalculated for inflation when that’s her job, her only job; an energy secretary whose answer to rising gasoline prices is laughter or suggesting folks buy electric cars they can’t afford; and an interior secretary who has done absolutely nothing but run up energy prices for the American consumer and make the U.S. dependent on foreign oil again.

For the past 40 years historians’ lists of America’s most disastrous presidents have consistently  ranked John Tyler, James Buchanan , Andrew Johnson, and Jimmy Carter as four of the most incompetent. Two (Buchanan and Carter) were elected and served just one term while the other two were vice presidents who entered the Oval Office following the deaths of a president: Johnson was Lincoln’s VP and Tyler served under William Henry Harrison.

Based on just 18 months in the Oval office, Joe Biden is racing to the top of the worst, heading any historian’s list of America’s most ineffectual, unqualified, and inept presidents. Our country has never been faced with such a blundering, tone-deaf, and probably mentally unbalanced individual in the White House. Sadly, there’s not a Harry Truman or Teddy Roosevelt waiting to succeed him. The woman waiting in the wings should Biden be removed from office is even less qualified.

Some in the mainstream media and a few social media platforms have finally begun to acknowledge that he’s a colossal disaster, a fact that was obvious during his 40 years in the Senate and as Obama’s VP. Yet they supported him despite a record of failure, an allergy to eloquence, his obvious mental confusion, lying and other character flaws that render him unfit to even operate a front yard lemonade stand. Worse, his mental acuity has only gotten worse, and his low intelligence appears to have hit rock bottom.

We are stuck with this mess for another thirty-two months. The only consolation is that no future president or administration will ever want to emulate or continue his disastrous programs or be compared to this bungling incompetent.

We can only pray that the November elections will result in enough opposition to put a stop to America’s slide into an East German-like state before this disastrous term ends.


The country is going to hell in a Prog handbasket.

Rampant unchecked crime and carnage in the streets and the soft on thugs policies that release them without bail and often without charges,

The corrupt Dem politicians who use weaponized government agencies to go after opponents and are never held accountable for their own crimes.

The sick and depraved exposure of children to adult sex acts and indoctrination in the schools.  Teachers are grooming children with LGBT ideology, gender identity, “transitioning“,  and they brag about exposing children to their sexual preferences.  Kids are also being involved in “drag events”.

An illegal unconstitutional government tribunal made of Dem miscreants and RINOs try to dismantle civil liberties and persecute those who speak out against their autocracy.

There’s a two tiered system of justice.

While Biden bumbles, stumbles, and talks like an incoherent mental patient, the ChiComs are drawing up plans for an American defeat.

Biden’s lies, corruption, energy crisis, skyrocketing gas and food prices, inflation, his supply chain disaster that led to empty grocery shelves, his egregious crackdown on civil liberties by his  jackbooted DOJ,  his retarded compulsion of allowing thousands of illegal alien vermin to invade the country, his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan that left 13 American service members killed and armed the Taliban with an arsenal of weapons and his idiotic obsession with Ukraine.

People who fled communist countries to enjoy American freedoms got a rude awakening when they arrived. A Chinese refugee can’t believe the anti-Western sentiment being taught at Columbia University.  A North Korean defector who also attended Columbia also is aghast at the anti-Western animosity in the classroom and the focus on political correctness.  Poor kids. I could have told them about universities like Columbia.

I served as a US Soldier for 30 years.  I enlisted in 1976 and experienced 13 years of the Cold War. America is starting to resemble the Soviet Union.


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