Destruction of the Military by Disloyal Military Brass

The oath of military service:

“I (state your name) do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”


Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley, Chief of Naval Operations, and Admiral Michael Gilday, are part of a new leftwing cabal infecting the ranks with “woke” policies that eviscerate warrior ethos and make the armed forces into pusillanimous mush. They are disloyal to the country and the military. They push communist agendas which are diametrically opposed to good order and discipline and the constitution.

Excerpts from a report at FrontPage Magazine:

……a generation of disloyal military leaders is undermining bipartisan support for the military by embracing leftist racism and anti-Americanism. Their radicalism is pushing conservatives out of the armed forces while undermining unit cohesion and troop morale. Their allegiance to critical race theory and the viciously anti-American 1619 Project has led them to divide members of the armed forces into opposing camps of “oppressors” and “oppressed,” – the same Marxist categories that led to the murder of more than 100 million people in the last century, and that are inspiring genocides in China, Africa, and the Middle East today.

In a military led by disloyal commanders, America becomes the enemy.

The Navy releases videos claiming that “this country has a history of systemic racism” rather than expanding freedom.

……What effect is this warped radicalism having on the morale of our best and brightest? Some truth-tellers, like Lt Col. Matthew Lohmeier, have been removed from their commands for stating the obvious: dividing America’s military by gender and race and identifying the majority of its troops as “oppressors” creates divisions that can only weaken our ability to defend ourselves. Others are resigning or committing suicide. Suicide rates have risen 25% while military leaders focus on fighting “systemic racism,” which has been outlawed since the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The vast majority of the suicides have been by white men who were betrayed by woke generals.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley and his service branch leaders have falsely claimed that the military is racist and that it discriminates against black people and minorities. How then explain why 75.6% of the active-duty military personnel killing themselves are white? Facts don’t faze ideologues, and our military can’t survive having them as leaders.

This pamphlet consists of portraits of the heads of America’s military branches who are focused on demoralizing our troops and setting them against each other, when they should be unifying them and rallying them to defend their country, which is still an inspiration to lovers of freedom around the world.

……Lloyd Austin III, nominated in late 2012 for CENTCOM commander by President Barack Obama, who openly sought the “fundamental transformation” of America, spent his eight-year tenure politicizing the military command. When Austin retired from active duty with the U.S. military in 2016, he was a four-star general. He spent the next few years in the private sector as a founder and/or board member of various corporations until last December, when President Biden nominated him for the position of U.S. Secretary of Defense.

……During Austin’s Senate confirmation hearing on January 19, he vowed to rid the U.S. military of the many “racists and extremists” that allegedly have infiltrated it. “The job of the Department of Defense is to keep America safe from our enemies,” he said. “But we can’t do that if some of those enemies lie within our own ranks.”

Or, if they preside over those ranks. When the military command divides its Soldiers along racial and gender lines, demonizing some and making permanent victims out of others, the divisive effects of such guidelines can have a devastating impact on unit cohesion and troop morale. When this training includes videos lionizing Democrat presidents like Obama and Clinton as civil rights heroes but omits the gains made by black, Asian, and Hispanic Americans under Trump…..

……As the Black Lives Matter riots torched the country, Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, insisted that the violent assaults threatening the nation’s capital were merely protests, and berated Trump’s adviser Stephen Miller who warned, “These cities are burning.”[11]

After the White House came under attack and a BLM mob set fire to the gatehouse, Trump aides, at the request of the president, drafted a document invoking the Insurrection Act that would have ended the nationwide reign of Democrat terror by putting troops on the street.

Milley vocally rejected the idea, claiming that the violent riots were just a protest, and it wasn’t appropriate for the military to be involved in political issues. Of course Eisenhower had sent the troops into Little Rock to integrate the schools, Kennedy had sent them to Mississippi to do the same, and George H.W. Bush had sent them to Los Angeles to put down the Rodney King riots.

……After scores of cities had been torched, statues pulled down, and hundreds of police officers wounded at the hands of racist Marxist hate groups, Milley argued that, “we should all be proud that the vast majority of protests have been peaceful.”

……But Milley didn’t just stand down in the face of the BLM race riots, he joined the move to divide and weaken the military by bringing the Black Lives Matter curriculum of anti-white and anti-American hate into its ranks. Dividing American Soldiers by race has a crippling effect on unit cohesion and general morale, it weakens our national security in the face of the threats from Communist China and our other aggressive enemies, Russia and Iran.

As the summer riots engulfed over 200 American cities, Milley joined the push for diversity and inclusion. He demanded that Fort Bragg and Fort Hood, named after Confederate generals, have their names changed. Milley had never brought this up when he was the commander of Army Forces Command at Fort Bragg and a Fort Hood commanding general, but it wasn’t politically expedient then. And Milley’s career ranks first while his country comes last.

By the fall, Milley was talking about fighting “unconscious” bias in the military[12] – the phantom enemy invented by Critical Race Theorists and the anti-American left to attack white people generally and the American heritage in particular.

Milley’s routine paid off and while there had been talk among Biden’s people about removing him, he stayed on instead, and is now telling Biden and the Democrats what they want to hear.

……As he assumed the office of Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Michael Gilday announced that he wanted to change the Navy. While the title of his remarks in the a recent video was: “One Team, One Navy,” its actual message was racist and divisive. His bottom line: only “conversations” about race would help. The “conversations” he referred to were in fact a lecture from America’s most popular and fact-challenged racist du jour, Ibram X. Kendi.

……In keeping with Gilday’s efforts to divide the Navy by race, an official Navy video endorsed the Marxist organization Black Lives Matter and denounced police for the death of drug-dealer-accomplice Breonna Taylor, who was shot resisting arrest when her boyfriend triggered a hailstorm of bullets after shooting and wounding a police officer doing his job. Bottom line of the video: training naval recruits and officers to hate their “white supremacist” country and inspiring them to question their service.

In the video, a lieutenant commander claimed that he had experienced “systemic racism” and “implicit bias” – note, not actual bias. A white corpsman urged that “we can stand up for change” and then, mouthing the standard Marxist line, declared that “tomorrow’s Navy will finally stand on the right side of history when we realize that black lives matter[25].”

……Navy Secretary Richard Spencer would later be fired over the witch-hunt against Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher, after which he denounced President Trump and endorsed Democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg. Spencer had already shown that he wouldn’t stand behind a Chief of Naval Operations under leftist attack. So Gilday, a vice admiral, was suddenly given a job no one qualified wanted.

This was bad news for the Navy and for America’s security.

Gilday was nominated because he was “progressive” enough or could play that part. He would not be a candidate for a witch-hunt. While Admiral Moran had stood up for his people, Gilday began pushing racial campaigns before Biden occupied the White House.

In the summer of 2020, Gilday began mandating his “conversations” about race which insisted that the Navy was racist. The infamous video was one of the most public of these “conversations.”

Rear Admiral Alvin Holsey, one of the few black admirals, headed Task Force One Navy whose report swapped out traditional naval tradition for fighting “racism, sexism, ableism and other structural and interpersonal biases.” TF1N members vowed to advocate for “all lived experiences and intersectional identities of every sailor[26].”

Officers were told that it was their job to “advocate for change.”

The new “One Navy” was a college campus whose focus wasn’t fending off China, but recruiting activists for leftist causes. Its guidelines drew heavily on “white privilege” materials, warning officers to “actively listen and do not be defensive.” In other words, if you criticize the racist propaganda we offer that in itself proves you’re a racist.

The report also proposed fighting “systemic racism” by removing “problematic” language. It dismantled uniform and grooming standards. Even the term “good taste” was banned.

……Forget the oath of enlistment, this attack on the Constitution is what Chief of Naval Operations Gilday has twisted the Navy into endorsing.

Rep. Jim Banks, a Navy reservist who served in Afghanistan, asked Gilday at a hearing about his endorsement of Kendi’s racist views. Instead of condemning Kendi’s racist idea that white people aren’t human and had created AIDS to kill black people, Gilday argued that these were “cherry-picked quotes” and went on defending the legitimacy of pushing Kendi’s noxious agendas.

……“Unconscious bias,” an Air Force video warns, “can’t be seen or felt.” As the camera focuses on white personnel, an unseen minority voice claims that, “it hides itself in our unseen behaviors.”

“As Airmen in the U.S. Air Force, it’s our duty to acknowledge our biases whether we realize they exist or not[34],” the official video pushing critical race theory struggle sessions demands.

This is Chief of Staff Charles Q. Brown Jr’s new Air Force.

Brown, the first black Chief of Staff of the Air Force, ought to be a living symbol of opportunity. Instead, like other disloyal military leaders, including his predecessor, Chief of Staff David Goldfein, he’s smearing America, and conducting a witch hunt for imaginary racism.


As it stands right now, I would strongly discourage anyone from joining the armed forces of this country under the current malevolent regime.

The Pentagon brass enforces the grotesque authoritarian policies of the leftwing mob in D.C., dividing troops into racial categories, pushing manufactured offenses and persecuting anyone who won’t goosestep to the bigotry.

Mark Milley should be fired. He’s a politician in uniform; a leftwing demagogue pushing Marxist doctrine who is quick to belch “Nazi!” at brave people exercising their Constitutional right to protest, and actually thought he had the authority to remove a duly elected President Trump by force.

While the Biden regime has the Pentagon pushing the “woke” shit instead of focusing on combat readiness, our enemies are laughing their asses off.  According to the White House hijacker, servicemembers are just a discharge away from being “white supremacists”.  Soldiers are subjected to “white privilege” briefings and watching their Commanders kiss muzzie ass over “disrespect to the Quran”.  A DOD employee sent out an email declaring MAGA to be “white supremacy” and an Army Lieutenant Colonel at Ft. Campbell sent out an email accusing Christians and patriots of being “hate groups”.

This shit started during the Obama regime when Janet Napolitano developed an Enemies List , a Homeland Security Department document entitled “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Environment Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment”, which contained a section titled, “Disgruntled Military Veterans”.  She also added a DHS study that outlined “Hot Spots of Terrorism and Other Crimes in the United States”, that did not include the muslim terrorist threat in the country.  It did, however, name the following people as threats: Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority” and  Americans who are “reverent of individual liberty”.  Go figure.

While the military is busy getting “woke”, Russia and China are rattling sabers and engaging in actual military threats.

God help us if we get into another full-scale war.  They’ll issue copies of Kendi’s screed instead of weapons.

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