House Rejects Bill Amendment That Would Prevent Weaponized Government Agencies From Spying on Citizens Without a Warrant

What is the point of having a GOP majority in the House when they keep fucking us over?

As John Davidson at The Federalist points out: The whole point of Section 702 is to spy on Americans. Why would the intelligence community want to reform it?

New York Post

The House of Representatives on Friday approved a bill reauthorizing federal spying powers on foreign targets until 2026, while narrowly voting down an amendment that would have required a warrant to search Americans’ data swept up in the process.

The Reforming Intelligence and Securing America Act was passed in a 273-147 vote, with 126 Republicans and 147 Democrats backing reauthorization of Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

……The 88 Republicans and 59 Democrats who voted against Friday’s bill argued the FBI and other agencies should need a warrant to search communications between those foreign targets and US persons in the Section 702 database.

An amendment introduced by Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) pushing for the warrant requirement failed in a 212-212 vote, and the FISA reauthorization is expected to pass in the Democrat-controlled Senate and be signed into law by Biden later Friday.

……House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) backed the bill, which was introduced by Rep. Laurel Lee (R-Fla.), as a necessary reform to federal spying capabilities after changes were made to an earlier version that 19 Republicans had crucially voted to block on Wednesday.

Johnson touted 56 other reforms in the bill that would “stop the FBI’s abuses of FISA Section 702 inquiries and prevent another phony Russia Hoax investigation.”

Former President Donald Trump had tanked a procedural vote on the bill earlier this week, calling on House Republicans in a Truth Social post to “KILL FISA.”

He posted nothing about it on Friday, as the Section 702 spying authority would now expire halfway through his potential second term in the White House after Rules Committee Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) cut the five-year renewal period down to two years.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner (R-Ohio) said in floor debate ahead of the vote that “there already is a warrant requirement” for Americans and the bill concerned incidental collection of their data.



Guess the tie breaker.


That ‘incidental collection’ shit goes back a ways with no concern from the government.  Obama’s NSA ‘mistakenly intercepted‘ private emails and phone calls of innocent Americans. Big Tech—including Google, Microsoft, and Facebook–have helped the agency with its domestic spying programs.

Any power created for clandestine use can be abused.  The NSA’s surveillance programs need to be closely supervised.  Going after the bad guys doesn’t mean shadowing everyone in America just because you can. Collecting my phone number or snatching my private emails isn’t going to make the country safe from muslim terrorists.

In 2013, then director of national intelligence James Clapper, lied his ass off under oath when he testified that the agencies did not engage in mass surveillance.   He never faced any punishment for perjury or the abuse of power.

In 2012, during testimony before a House hearing on surveillance issues, LTG Alexander denied that the NSA engaged in intercepting the phone and internet records of Americans.

And just recently, The NSA used its assets against Tucker Carlson.

The FBI has a secret database that ‘flags’ conservatives. It also purchased a spyware program called Pegasus, which once it has access to your phone, can allegedly copy your messages and your photos, track your location, record your conversations through the microphone, even when you are not using your phone, and get this: it can even film you secretly through your own phone’s camera.

Where’s the DOJ on this? Oh, that’s right. They’re targeting American citizens as well.

The Obama regime transformed the IRS and the DOJ  into political operatives that targeted people and organizations proscribed as the enemy. No, not muslim terrorists; but the conservative, patriotic, Tea Party groups that strongly and loudly objected to the lawlessness of the little black tyrant in the White House.

Properly focused intelligence is a valuable asset to the security of the United States. When it’s abused by intelligence agencies or politicians, it’s a threat to civil liberties.

The Dems don’t mind because the agencies are working for them and the GOP doesn’t have the balls to do anything about it.


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