Left Proves Dilbert’s Point on Racism

Don Surber at Substack

Chris Quinn, editor of the Plain Dealer, dropped the Dilbert comic strip this week, drawing cheers from the all-whites-are-racist crowd. He cited a podcast of Dilbert creator Scott Adams.

Quinn wrote, “Adams said Black people are a hate group, citing a recent Rasmussen survey which, he said, shows nearly half of all Black people do not agree with the phrase ‘It’s okay to be white.’”

The poll actually said 53% agree, 26% disagree and 21% were not sure. One-quarter of black people saying it is not okay to be white shows way too much racism.

Adams said, “I would say, based on the current way things are going, the best advice I would give to white people is to get the hell away from black people.”

Segregation is making a comeback, long after America achieved racial equality, thanks to race hustlers like Al Sharpton, Joy Reid and Barack “If I Had A Son He’d Look Like Trayvon” Obama.

Harvard’s hometown is a leader in advocating the separation of races. The city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, published on August 9, 2018, “Why People of Color Need Spaces Without White People,” written by Kelsey Blackwell.

She said:

“If your community is mostly white, it is not by accident. Do your work, get real, look at the places you’ve been avoiding. Ask another white person the question you’ve been unsure about asking. See how you’re perpetuating the system of institutional racism; we all are. Become intimately familiar with your role. Explore the places within yourself that you hold back. Can you be yourself a little more? You do this work and people of color will naturally want to engage with you. Why? Because through feeling and exploring your ignorance you’ve created a genuine opening for my reality…..”

……It is okay for a black woman to tell black people to live away from whites. And they should keep whites out of their neighborhoods. It is science!

Stanford News reported on December 1, 2020, “Stanford professor’s study finds gentrification disproportionately affects minorities.

……Adams should have couched his preference as encouraging blacks for their own protection to avoid whites because to say it the other way — as he did — is considered a hate crime. Wording matters.

Quinn wrote of Adams, “He says a lot more in the video, mostly hateful and racist, all viewable on You Tube. It’s a staggering string of statements, all but certain to result in the loss of his livelihood. I hate to quote him at all, but I do so to dissuade responses that this is a ‘cancel culture’ decision.”

Of course, what Quinn did was a perfect example of the cancel culture. A man offends a group — in this case, white men who capitalize black — and loses his livelihood.

Adams knew what he was doing. He no longer relies on newspapers to earn a living because newspapers keep dying. Being canceled improved his brand by making him a victim of censors. He mocked Quinn, tweeting, “I just learned Cleveland has a newspaper.”

Quinn fancies himself as a defender of the First Amendment despite trying to censor someone who said something he did not agree with. As newspapers die they serve their liberal masters — even though most subscribers are people in traditional families (hence the term home delivery) who tend to be conservative.

Christopher Kelly, editor of another newspaper in the chain that owns the Cleveland paper, joined him, writing, “Earlier this week, Scott Adams, the creator of the comic strip Dilbert, espoused disturbing, dangerous, and racist views on his You Tube show Real Coffee with Scott Adams.”

……USA Today also stopped carrying Dilbert. Ditto the Washington Post. All the newspapers in America can, but they can never cancel Dilbert because he is online, where the action is. He gets 3.8 million visits a month.

Quinn is confused about free speech. Cleveland Scene, a local entertainment and politics weekly that has been around for 50 years, reported in April, “PD Editor Chris Quinn Gets to Be Hero of Journalism for Doing Same Shit He Dragged Reporters for Doing.”

The Scene story said, “Quinn was so aghast, so livid with shock, at the restrictive rules imposed by the rally organizers, the pro-Trump GOP youth group Turning Point Action, that he sent no reporters to cover the event in protest. His column has now been approvingly shared on social media thousands of times, by supporters and national journalism personalities who cheer on what they regard as a heroic stance against the forces of Fascism.”

But the Scene pointed out that Quinn earlier supported Mayor Frank Jackson who imposed the same rules against the press talking to people in the audience for his State of the City address. The editor publicly castigated his own reporters for not seeking clarification of the mayor’s order.

Quinn said, “They should’ve made the phone call because what they did was pretty shoddy journalism in the name of good journalism. It’s not a small point today. The media is under siege, from the president and elsewhere. We need to do our job to be accurate. And in this case, the word was spread that this horrible police state was being formed, and a simple phone call would have proven that’s not the case.”

Why didn’t he make the three-minute phone call? He’s the editor. Of course, his publisher does not want to have any trouble with the mayor. Rare is the newspaper that fights city hall these days.


Quinn’s statement, “The media is under siege, from the president and elsewhere….And in this case, the word was spread that this horrible police state was being formed…”, is really funny especially since the Biden regime and his acronymed government agencies have done exactly that.

Why didn’t he back Adams’s right to say stuff others do not agree with? In the First Amendment, free speech comes before freedom of the press.

Freedom of religion is first on the list because this nation was founded on religious freedom. The British sent to America their dissidents who did not adhere to the official state religion, which sometimes was Catholic but usually was Protestant depending on who was king or queen.

Angela Davis and I thank them for that because England sent our ancestors here in a tiny wooden ship called the Mayflower.

You didn’t hear about my Cousin Angela?

Well, the New York Post reported on February 23, 2023, “Former Black Panther Angela Davis shocked to learn she is descendant of the Mayflower.”

Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. of Beer Summit fame told her of this discovery his PBS show. Davis said, “No, I can’t believe this. No, my ancestors did not come here on the Mayflower.” Later she said, “Never, never, never, never, never.”

We will have to invite Cousin Angela to our next family reunion.

But being one of 35 million Mayflower descendants undermines her Black Power advocacy, which began in a courtroom in which three black defendants stood trial for murdering a prison guard. Davis gave them guns. The result was a confrontation with police that led to the deaths of the judge and the three defendants.

Davis fled to Cuba, then the Soviet Union and finally East Germany. She was also became involved in Jim Jones and his Jonestown massacre, in which he told his worshippers to drink the Kool-Aid, which was poisoned. Actually, it was Flavor Aid, a cheap knock-off.

Most of the people at Jonestown were black. 908 people died. 691 were black. The KKK should have given Jones a set of sheets posthumously. For her role, Cousin Angela at least deserved some pillowcases.

For some reason, we had let her back in the country. She taught communism at Claremont College, which began a lengthy academic career. Being a black militant does not get you canceled. Heck, high school students can now take African American Studies which praise her and get college credit. There are no Caucasian American Studies. Being an American who might object to that will get you canceled.

Which brings me back to Dilbert. Now dropped by newspapers, Adams cries all the way to the bank. On Twitter, he pointed out that the vice president just said, “There is no vaccine for racism.” Under the born-this-way argument of LGBT, racists would be a protected class because they are — according to Kamala — born that way. She is saying there is no cure for the 26% of black people who say it is not okay to be white. Deal with it, right? Ban classes that try to convert those born racist, right?

But Kamala is an idiot who knows less about biology than Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Racism is learned. This explains why CRT-trained teachers emphasize anti-white racism. They want to teach a new generation of white people to hate themselves.

The Daily Mail reported on February 17, 2023, “Woke teacher turns white pupils into SLAVES and forces students to make TikToks mocking Florida rule to rid schools of Critical Race Theory books.”

The teacher is black. The slaves are white. Change it around and you have a story dominating the front pages and TV broadcasts. I had to go to a website in London to read about it. Of course, no white person would dare do that.

Variety committed journalism when it tried to explain Adams views on race.

It reported, “In June 2020, Adams, referring to UPN’s cancellation of the Dilbert animated primetime TV series two decades earlier, tweeted, ‘I lost my TV show for being white when UPN decided it would focus on an African-American audience. That was the third job I lost for being white.’ In January 2022, Adams tweeted, ‘I’m going to self-identify as a Black woman until Biden picks his Supreme Court nominee. I realize it’s a long shot, but I don’t want to completely take myself out of the conversation for the job.’”

The people who run America took equality opportunity and upped it to affirmative action. Now it is something called equity, which means white people must share their wealth with black people. That is communism.

……It is okay to be white. It is okay to be black. What is not okay is to promote one race over the other, which is what Quinn and all these other virtue signalers are doing.

No one does racism like the Left and black radicals.  Within the black community, there’s a caste system based on skin color and politics.  If you’re a light-skinned black person,  you catch hell for being “too white”. Militant blacks bring the racist haterade whenever a black conservative speaks their mind and dares to step off the DemProg plantation.

Anti-white bigotry is on the rise in media, the government, academia, and the military.

Adams is right. That’s why they hate him.



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