Libs Of TikTok Creator: They Are Never Going to Intimidate Me into Silence

Good for her.


Appearing Tuesday on the Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, the creator of  the popular social media account “Libs Of TikTok” said she will not be intimidated after she was “doxxed” in a Washington Post report.

TUCKER CARLSON: Why do you think the German government wanted to shut down your Twitter feed?

LIBS OF TIKTOK: I think that what I’m doing is very effective, and I think that a lot of people wanted to shut me down. They wanted to intimidate me into silence. And unfortunately for them, that’s just never gonna happen.

CARLSON: I’m glad you won’t be intimidated. Were you surprised Taylor Lorenz, who complained bitterly when we used her name on the air several months ago and whined and cried on television because she had PTSD because people were criticizing her online, were you surprised it was her who came at you personally and tried to destroy your life?

LIBS OF TIKTOK: Yeah, I thought that was really humorous. The fact that it was Taylor Lorenz, who is a known hypocrite and known to dox people, the fact that it was here doing all of this is also why people rallied and supported me.


Chaya Raichik, the woman who created Libs of TikTok publishes unaltered videos posted by bizarre unhinged leftie fruitcakes who brag about their mental illness and the depraved stunts they pull with kids.

Leftwing nutbags hate having the mirror held up to their own faces. They retaliate enmasse to brow beat conservatives and really meltdown when it doesn’t work.


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