Reminder: Dems, Leftwing Extremists, and Minorities Fill Ranks of Mass Murderers, Hate Crimes

The recent mass shooting in Buffalo, NY has the Left giddy with joy because the perp is a loony white guy with schizoid political views.

Biden made a PR stop in the town, while the liberal media conglomerate spent every waking moment squeezing out all the “white supremacy” talking points they could.

Some perspective is is order; specifically the fact that whitey doesn’t have a corner on the mass shooter market. When it comes to body counts, especially in urban areas controlled by Dems, the numbers are astronomical.

The record of heinous murders by blacks, Asians, and muzzies is totally ignored:

Roseburg OR — Biracial black-identified man (targeted white Christians, specifically asking their religion before killing)
Fort Hood TX (2009) — Palestinian Muslim
Fort Hood TX (2014) — Hispanic man
Santa Barbara CA — Biracial Malaysian-English man (targeted white college women, angry over rejection) He also stabbed to death three of his Asian roommates, but nobody remembers those poor bastards.
Virginia Tech VA — Korean immigrant
Washington DC (naval yard) — Black man
Binghamton NY — Vietnamese immigrant
San Bernardino CA — Pakistani and Yemeni Muslim immigrants, Al Qaeda / ISIS affiliated
Orlando FL — Afghan Muslim, ISIS affiliated
Boston MA — Caucasus Muslim immigrants
Chattanooga TN — Palestinian-Jordanian Muslim immigrant, ISIS affiliated
Santa Monica CA — Middle Eastern
Brookfield WI — Jamaican immigrant
Oakland CA — Korean immigrant
Manchester CT — Black man [targeting white coworkers]
Salt Lake UT — Bosnian Muslim immigrant

And don’t forget the 19 muzzies who attacked America on 11 September 2001 and slaughtered 2,997 people.

BTW: Whitey doesn’t have a corner on the hate crime market:

……an attack on a subway commuter left her with a broken spine, because she was thought to be a lesbian; an identifiably Jewish man in Crown Heights was punched in the chest by a man who just walked away.  Swastikas were scrawled by 12-year-olds on a school playground, along with the phrase “No Jews Allowed.”

The perps were all black.

There are so many examples of this.

BLM thugs murdered a young white mother because she said “all lives matter”.

All of those crimes disappeared off the MSM radar because they lacked political expediency.


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