Former Pentagon Chief of Staff: The House 6 January Committee Spent the Entire Interview on Biden’s Bungled Afghan Withdrawal

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A key Trump administration official interrogated for five hours by the House Jan. 6 committee is calling on the Democrat-led panel to release his interview transcript, saying investigators spent more time questioning him on military matters like President Biden’s bungled Afghanistan withdrawal than the Capitol riots.

Former Pentagon chief of staff Kash Patel told Just the News that one of the key pieces of evidence he provided the committee was a detailed timeline of every step the Pentagon took to prepare for the Jan. 6 protests, the offers of help it made to Congress and what it did to deploy National Guard troops during the attack.

But, Patel said, the congressional investigators showed little interest in the timeline.

“I was in there for five hours, answered every question they asked,” Patel said in an interview aired Wednesday on the John Solomon Reports podcast. “Because I have nothing to hide, and I want the truth to come out.

“And let me just say this. They didn’t even bring it up, I don’t recall, the timeline. I had to submit it to them and the Inspector General, I had to submit to them. And I was prepared to go in depth into those documents. And we scarcely spent a minute or two on them in those five hours.”

Patel said what surprised him was that congressional investigators seemed to want to spend more time on Biden’s bungled Afghan withdrawal and the plans the Trump administration had left behind to end the war, as well as the U.S. force posture in the terrorist haven of Somalia.

“Again, I call for the testimony, for the transcript to be released,” Patel said. “But I can say this, we spent less time talking about Jan. 6 and more time talking about Afghanistan, Somalia, and other matters.

“I had to prepare extensively, at a great personal cost to me and my legal team, to talk about everything Jan. 6. And, you know, you’d have to go back and ask the committee if they asked for the truth about what happened about the events around the 6th. I’m not sure what the withdrawal in Afghanistan and the true force posture in Somalia have to do with any of that.”

A spokesman for the Jan. 6 select committee did not immediately respond to a call seeking comment Wednesday.

What kind of insight do they hope to get about Biden’s Afghanistan fuck up? It’s pretty cut and dry.

On the House Intelligence Committee, Patel frequently tangled with Democratic Reps. Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell, both of California, and their staffs, who for years insisted Russia collusion was real and that the Steele dossier was to be believed.

Both the theory and the dossier have been thoroughly discredited since, and Swalwell has also faced embarrassing questions about his relationship with a female Chinese spy.

Patel said he was dismayed to see both men appointed to the Jan. 6 committee, saying their credibility problems on Russia and the China spy scandal, respectively, undercut the legitimacy of an important investigation into the security failures at the Capitol.

He noted the Jan. 6 panel has twice been forced to apologize in recent weeks for factual mistakes. One mistake falsely accused former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik of attending a D.C. meeting on overturning the November elections when in fact he was in New York.

The second mistake altered a text message between Rep. Jim Jordan and Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, a piece of evidence that Schiff personally displayed on national TV though it was doctored.

“I don’t know what this committee is putting out in terms of actual evidence, besides Adam Schiff doctoring information, that they have collected through their extensive reach of subpoena power and in collecting personal identifiable information,” Patel said.


None of that was a “mistake”. Dems lied through their teeth during the entire ‘Russian collusion‘ circus and the impeachment shitshow. They can’t refute the facts so they simply make up shit as they go along.

Swalwell’s liaisons with a Chinese spy should have earned him a jail sentence. He has no fucking business being in Congress let alone on a committee.

Schiff’s doctored evidence is par for the course. That corrupt piece of shit should be charged with the illegal subpoena of phone records, lying to Congress about the “whistleblower” and abuse of power.

That 6 January committee is a fucking joke. It’s headed by a radical black activist who supports a violent black secessionist group.  They’re covering up the assaults, brutality, and murder committed by the capitol cops, and the FBI’s role in the protest, which includes Ray Epps, an FBI informant who was planted outside the capitol to encourage violence.

The malfeasance of Biden’s regime towards American citizens is unprecedented.  Since 6 January, FBI gestapo targeted an innocent man for attending President Trump’s rally, raided the wrong home in Alaska looking for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop, arrested a man for standing inside the capitol waving a Trump banner, confiscated a Lego set from an “insurrectionist” and asked that citizens turn in their “extremist friends and relatives“.

The Dem party is rife with unscrupulous lying contemptible shitbags who get away with crimes that would put other people in prison for years.

The Dems will never prosecute their own and the GOP doesn’t have the fucking fortitude.


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