Gutfeld: Dumb Liberal Politicians Are Getting Even Dumber



……So our dumbest politicians are getting dumber. It’s like a semi truck full of dumb pills overturned and Gavin Newsom leaped out of his limo and ate all of them up. And now he’s OD’ing on dumb.


GAVIN NEWSOM: “I watched this one guy. Was it Jesse Watters or something on Fox News? What he’s been saying about Paul Pelosi the last five, six months, mocking him consistently. Don’t tell me that’s not aiding and abetting all this. Of course it is. They’re sowing the seeds and creating a culture and a climate like this. I mean, look online. Look at the sewage that is online.”

Sure, Gavin. Sure. He lived in a bus, but he definitely had cable. Gav talks like this maniac set his imaginary DVR on his imaginary TV on Fox News every night while wearing Brian Kilmeade pajamas, drinking his own urine out of a Fox Nation mug and in his beautiful, dilapidated bus of a home.

This is rich from the party that calls everyone a Nazi or a white supremacist. Conservative Black politician? White supremacist. Latino Republican? White supremacist. Jimmy Kimmel? Funny. See, nothing makes sense. And the rest of the crowd who denies crime exists, they ain’t much better. Take it away, fart blaster supreme.

ERIC SWALWELL: The violent political rhetoric that is espoused by Republican leaders is inspiring violent political acts by individuals like this.

CNN ANALYST: It is a uniquely right-wing problem right now. We cannot “both sides” this given what we’ve seen in the last few years.

CNN ANALYST 2: This is a sickness, but it’s not divorced from the Republican Party.

JOY REID: The right has been playing this game for a really long time.

RO KHANNA: People in the Republican Party who have been fueling some of these conspiracies.

JOE BIDEN: There’s too much violence, political violence, too much hatred. Enough is enough is enough.

Well done, kids. You almost got us to forget that it’s your policies, your defunding, your ambivalence that allows mayhem to rule. But back to Gavin blaming Jesse. It’s so good. It’s a battle of the narcissists. What? One is a good-looking tyrant who spends too much time on his hair and the other is Gavin Newsom. He’d never watch this.

……So Jesse reported on Paul Pelosi who happens to be Newsom’s relative. He reported about Paul’s DUI. Now, is Newsom implying that the press should not cover any lawbreaking by powerful people because then crazy people will come after them? Well, how convenient for powerful people then, especially Democrats. I guess you know what killed Kennedy? That Bay of Pigs coverage. That’s a callback.

So, yes, please don’t report on my stock trades, my maskless parties or reckless driving because that might radicalize one of 370 million people. But are they really worried about crazy people? Well, if they were, Keith Olbermann wouldn’t roam free, that’s for sure. They’re actually worried about sane people realizing what’s crazy.

……But they would rather police language than the actually dangerous nuts on the streets. What we need to do is defund the language police. To them, everything is a threat to democracy except criminals. Free speech? Threat to democracy. Voter ID? Threat to democracy. Burning down a police station? Priceless.

But we know the suspect’s responsible for his actions. It’s not you or me. You and I didn’t raise this a-hole or fry his brains with drugs or encourage him to overstay his visa. That’s your clan, Mr. Newsom. The culprit was an illegal alien, mentally ill homeless person. And what party has been delinquent in dealing with all three? Democrats. This ass wipe should have been Canada’s problem like polar bears and Justin Bieber.

So sorry, Gavin. It ain’t us on the hook. It’s you, the Democrats. You’re the governor of a state full of countless victims. But it didn’t matter because you weren’t related to them. Nobody has done more to turn one of the most beautiful states in the country into a dangerous dystopia that people are fleeing from, like rats on the Titanic than you, pretty boy. Why don’t you try looking yourself in the mirror when your combing your mop for the 25th time of the day and ask yourself, “Is maybe some of this my fault?”

Dems have no cogent argument so “racism”, “threat to democracy”, and blame the GOP is all they have.  Everything they touch turns to shit.

They installed a a corruptaddlebrained worthless lump of flesh, and now the whole country is suffering.

He’s flooding the country with millions of illegal aliens.

Food and gas prices are skyrocketing.

Biden blocked the Keystone pipeline, killing thousands of jobs, but helped the Russians construct their own pipeline. Fruitcake Pete Buttigieg, the Department of Transportation Secretary, told the pipeline workers to “get new jobs”.

Violent crime has spiked off the charts thanks to the Dems’ defund the police agenda and the refusal of Dem prosecutors to actually keep thugs in jail and charge them with the crimes they commit.  At least 12 major U.S. cities have broken annual homicide records in 2021 and mass lootings are a regular occurrence.  Guess which party runs them.  Antifa/BLM goons responsible for murder and destruction of neighborhoods, businesses, police stations, and courthouses, have skated out of any legal consequences for their crimes.  The Dems foster and encourage that shit.  The Feds refuse to prosecute. The Dems’ encouragement of violence for their own agenda is a matter of public record.

The Left’s rage-fueled rhetoric inspires their fringe to commit assault and murder.  One of their fans drove all the way across the country with a plan to assassinate SCOTUS judge Kavanaugh. He wanted to “give his life a purpose.”  Leftie moonbat and Bernie Sanders supporter James Hodgkinson shot people at a GOP baseball game for the Dem cause.

Joe Biden’s Reichstag speech in Philadelphia prompted a wave of violence against Republicans:

September 20: Local media report a North Dakota man ran down and killed a teen with his car because the 18-year-old was a “Republican extremist.”

September 21: New Mexico Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Ronchetti had the windows of his home shot out.

September 25: Two staffers for Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R-TX) reelection campaign were assaulted in Houston.

September 26: A Michigan man allegedly shot an 84-year-old pro-life volunteer in the back.

When the Left can’t get their way, they resort to violence.

Topping it off: Biden’s foreign policy disasters and his decaying mental state have our allies shaking their heads and our enemies laughing their asses off.

But pronouns and gender identity are more important.

Dems refuse to look in the mirror. The image in the reflection is ugly as fuck.



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