Michigan GOP Electors Blocked From Casting Votes

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Republicans in contested battleground states across the country sent alternate electors out to cast votes for President Donald Trump on Monday.

Stephen Miller, the senior adviser to President Trump, told Fox News the move was to preserve the possibility of using those alternates in the event legal challenges to the election are successful before and up until Jan. 20, 2021.

It’s unclear if the votes cast by the alternate electors will equate to anything meaningful to the overall picture. Their votes could end up being largely symbolic as the Electoral College prepares to crown Democrat Joe Biden president.

If the president is not successful in overturning election results in the contested states, the decision to send out alternate electors might be viewed by many as a symbolic stance against voter fraud and against tyranny from corrupt election officials.

If that ends up being the case, then actions taken in Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s state played right into the hands of those who contend the election was stolen by the corrupt, opaque Democratic machine.

A group claiming to be alternate GOP electors was barred from entering the Michigan state Capitol in Lansing. The Michigan State Police blocked the door, refusing to verify their identities or let them in.

Reporter Riley Beggin from The Detroit News shared video of the move on Twitter.

“They said that they were the Republican electors there to cast their vote for president. State police declined to let them enter the building or leave votes offered in a manila envelope,” Beggin wrote.

Other videos shared on Twitter from independent journalist Brendan Gutenschwager showed the Republicans being stopped at the door and being told “the electors are already here, they’ve been checked in.”

In one video, an officer told them, “If you have a problem, you can contact the Governor’s office.”

And of course, the governor is Gretchen Whitmer (D) who’s been blocking law-abiding people in her state from lawfully entering buildings all year.

,,,,,,Alternate electors in the battleground states of Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania fared much better Monday. They were allowed into their respective locations to cast alternate votes for Trump, and not Biden, as the Electoral College convened.

Whitmer has ruled Michigan since March with an iron fist. The Democrat was naturally the lone state executive who used state resources to snuff out what might ultimately become a peaceful protest to what millions of Americans feel is a stolen election.


The Dems rigged this election. Ballots have been stolen, thrown away, mysteriously vanished, materialized, backdated, and there have been more ballots than legally registered voters. There have also been ballots appearing with the names and addresses of dead people and residents who moved out of their former state before the election.  Last but not least, there’s the usual fake names and addresses being used.

To top it off Dominion and Smartmatic produced deeply flawed voting systems that could be easily tampered with.

“Don’t worry about the election, Trump’s not gonna win. I made fucking sure of that!”

——Eric Coomer, Dominion’s Vice President of U.S. Engineering and unhinged sociopath.

Just imagine how this shitbag manipulated the system.


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