Muzzie Terrorist Douchebag Nidal Hasan Releases Statement

Why have they not taken this piece of shit out and filled him with as many bullets as he used to kill his victims?

From  Fox News.

Acting as his own attorney, accused Fort Hood shooter Major Nidal Hasan has released a statement to Fox News claiming that the U.S. military is at war with his religion.

However, he does not directly address the shooting at the Texas Army Base in November 2009 that killed 13 and injured more than 30 others.

“My complicity was on behalf of a government that openly acknowledges that it would hate for the law of Almighty Allah to be the supreme law of the land,” the 42-year-old Army psychiatrist said. Hasan then apparently asked if this was a war on Islam. “You bet it is,” he said. “I participated in it.”

The statement, which begins “In the name of Almighty Allah, the most gracious and the most merciful, my name is Nidal Hasan, Major Nidal Hasan, and I would like to convey a message to the world,” runs more than six pages.

Hasan also says he regrets his years in the Army, claiming that his service was inconsistent with his religious beliefs.  “I would like to begin by repenting to Almighty Allah and apologize to the (Mujahideen), the believers, and the innocent.  I ask for their forgiveness and their prayers. I ask for their forgiveness for participating in the illegal and immoral aggression against Muslims, their religion and their lands,” he said.

……Lawyer Neal Sher, who represents Fort Hood shooting victims and their families in a separate legal action, said “This is yet further confirmation of a fact that everyone knows except our government. That is, the Fort Hood shooting was a terrorist jihadi attack.”

The Army should not waste time and effort on a trial for this piece of shit.  Just wheel that motherfucker out into an open field and fire as many rounds into his filthy ass as it took to kill 13 Soldiers.  Then strap a bomb to his corpse, blow it to smithereens, scrape up the pieces/parts, and bury them in a hole with a pig carcass.

After his rampage, the Army went looking for scapegoats and reprimanded 9 officers for “leadership failures” and “found that Hasan’s supervisors at Walter Reed Army Medical Center where he worked expressed serious concerns about his questionable behavior and poor judgment but failed to heed their own warnings.”

Hasan’s bloody attack would have been prevented if the United States Army didn’t create an environment of fear-based political correctness. The mutherfucker spewed Islamic rhetoric during briefings, signed his emails with “Praise Be to Allah,” and told a female supervisor she was an infidel who would be “ripped to shreds” and “burn in hell” because she was not muslim.

But, no one took it up through the chain of command because gawd forbid that they violate some EO reg and “offend” someone.

This is the same Army hierarchy that refuses to acknowledge radical muslims in the ranks and kowtows to Islamic extremism, but will not hesitate to persecute those who espouse Judeo-Christian philosophy. It also forbids Soldiers to criticize the Taliban, Islam, the muslim male propensity for pedophilia, or the way they oppress women.

The irony is, that unlike the DOD, he has a very clear understanding about the mission and the goals of Islamofascism. They want a world Caliphate, and they are serious about it. Bin Laden’s death hasn’t deterred them one bit.

Nidal Hasan went ahead with his jihad because he could.


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4 thoughts on “Muzzie Terrorist Douchebag Nidal Hasan Releases Statement”

  1. SFCMAC,

    I have a read a few articles this weekend detailing how everything that is happening today stems from laws and policies put in place by Bush.

    Amazing, Obama is still helpless to everything that Bush did. Obama just cannot seem to do anything because Bush tied his hands.

    The media has ramped up everything to give Obama every free pass possible. All of this with Hassan will be Bush’s fault also while the N*gg* in Charge continues to undermine everything in this country and bring it to its knees.



    1. OTR,
      Anyone who studied Obama’s background, philosophy, affiliations, and associates would know that he is totally unfit to be the leader of a Democratic Republic. Which is why his avowed goal of “fundamental transformation” of America was an ominous warning. The leftwing media covers his ass at all costs. I’ve never seen a worse bunch of fucking toadies in my life. They did their level damndest to degrade Reagan and GW, but when it comes to assholes like Carter, Clinton, and Obama, they have selective amnesia. I thought Carter and Clinton were bad, but Obama’s corruption and malfeasance outdoes them by far. Even more disturbing is the fact that a voting majority in this country would install a sociopath like that to begin with. When America finally falls, the roots of its destruction will be traced right back to Obama and the degenerate sycophants who foisted him into power.
      SFC MAC

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