President Trump Smacks Down Leftwing Shrews

President Trump calls out the venom being spewed by the shiny new radical leftwing and muzzie members of the Dem party.

Anytime you call out a leftie moonbat on their bigotry, they call you a ‘racist’.



Via Laura Loomer

The first Tweet was clearly aimed at Omar, a Somali-born refugee, who all week has been in the news after she called America unjust, and compared it to her civil-war torn, terrorist filled native land.

The last Tweet was a dig at the clear fracture in the Democratic Party between the younger, more zealous members and the old guard establishment figures like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Earlier in the week, AOC reignited her longstanding, albeit relatively-quiet beef with Pelosi, implying that Pelosi was a racist. One of AOC’s first acts during her freshman congressional orientation was to protest climate change policy outside Pelosi’s office. Their relationship has been strained ever since.

Apparently, pointing that out did not sit well with Twitter officials, who are hell bent on protecting Democrats from criticism or scorn, evidenced by their banning of high-profile conservatives, including Laura Loomer, whom the site banned for simply calling Omar “anti-Jewish.”

Radicals like Omar hate America and trash the country every day. I’d love to see her leave as well. She needs to address the slaughter, terrorism, and crime going on in her home country. America doesn’t need malfeasants who want to destroy it.

Matter of fact, Omar referred to Somalia as “our nation back home”, in a 2015 speech to the Revolution Somali Youth League.

Ilhan Omar (D-MN), a radical muslim who took her oath of office on a Quran, has friends who joined the Somali terror group al-Shabab, is a bigamist who married her own brother for immigration fraud, and there are published verified photos and Minnesota state records suggesting that Omar is a serial felon and fraudster.

She smeared the Black Hawk Down veterans.

She also served as an Advisory Board member for the Minnesota branch of the terrorist-connected CAIR, and holds fundraisers with them, and wanted leniency for a group of shitbags who tried to join ISIS.

She told a Somali immigrant: ‘Why don’t we deport you back to where ever you came from’ after the immigrant suggested that Somali’s shouldn’t import their culture to America.

Her ass should be shipped back to Somalia where it belongs.

Rashida Tlaib, U.S. Rep. from Michigan (where else?) declared: “because we’re gonna go in there and we’re gonna impeach the motherfucker.’”  She’s a rabid anti-Semite who says that the Holocaust gives her a ‘calming feeling’.  In 2006, Tlaib wrote an OpEd for Louis Farrakhan’s Final Call publication. Tlaib spoke at an American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) event in Washington, where she stated that she typically felt “more Palestinian” while doing her work in Congress than she felt anywhere else. Moreover, AMP’s New Jersey chapter posted a photograph of Tlaib outside of her Capitol Hill congressional office with some of its members during the AMP event. One of those members was Joe Catron, a longtime anti-Israel activist has openly supported Islamic terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah. Catron was also the U.S. coordinator of the Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network, Samidoun, an arm of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.  Oh yeah, and like a good piece of muzzie excrement, she swore in on a Quran.

If she likes them so much, send her ass to the Gaza strip.

Ayanna Pressley is a black radical douchebag who garnered support from leftwing groups including the  Democratic Socialists of America and Like her Dem counterparts, she politicizes race and gender: “[W]e don’t need any more brown faces that don’t want to be a brown voice. We don’t need black faces that don’t want to be a black voice. We don’t need Muslims that don’t want to be a Muslim voice.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an avalanche of socialist stupidity. She’s anti-Israel, utters some of the most idiotic statements ever, and for someone who has a degree in economics, she doesn’t know squat about the subject.

Oh, and America is only “10% better than garbage”.


President Trump is stomping all over the socialists and muzzies and he’s not taking any prisoners.  He’s standing up to the leftwing excrement, putting this country first, and he won’t back down from a fight. He debates the Dem cabal on social media and to their faces. He’s shown more backbone than all of the Republicans combined, for the last 30 years.

The liberal drive-by media and the entrenched gang of leftwing goons in Congress have been slapped silly by him and their insanity has reached incredible proportions.

They feed their outrage machine with accusations of “racist” because that’s all they’ve got.

President Trump is reversing the damage Barky Obama did to this country and has accomplished more positive improvements to the economy, foreign policy, and national security in his first two years in office than all the previous White House occupants since Ronald Reagan.

And the Dems hate him for it.

Over the last two and a half years, the DemLeft thugs have upped the ante on threats and violence, and have achieved a prominent position as the biggest hate group in the country.

They push incite mob violence and praise the thugs who carry it out.

Pro-illegal alien Texas Dem Poncho Nevarez threatened to kill Republican Matt Rinaldi on the state house floor when Rinaldi contacted ICE agents over the illegals who were protesting in Austin and openly declaring their unlawful status.

Maxine Waters: ‘I threaten Trump supporters all the time‘.

The leftwing dipshits at Politico say that Dems consider getting ‘more ruthless’ after their campaign against Judge Kavanaugh fell flat.

MSNBC hack Nicholle Wallace wants to ‘wring Sarah Sanders’ neck, and ‘punch Trump’s face’.

The Wyoming GOP office was set on fire.

A GOP office in North Carolina was firebombed.

Leftie moonbat and Bernie Sanders supporter James Hodgkinson shot people at a GOP baseball game for the Dem cause.

CNN sponsored an assassination play, “Julius Caesar”, at “Shakespeare in the Park”, with the main character bearing a strong resemblance to Donald Trump.

A leftie douchebag, Kimo Jimenez, attacked a kid in a restaurant for wearing a MAGA hat.

An Antifa thug attacked an ICE facility with a rifle and incendiary devices and got ‘suicided’ by cops.

But they accuse him of ‘racism’ because he won’t tolerate their bullshit.


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1 thought on “President Trump Smacks Down Leftwing Shrews”

  1. Time to wake up! Way left and down right traitorous they may be, but stupid, not. The shitbags trying to destroy our country don’t have to wage a conventional war when they can put their representatives in public offices. Entrenched Dems and repugnant Rinos are easily cowed or bought off with threats of losing their cushy positions. Collectively, these self serving, hate spewing empty headed suits are more dangerous than any land army in the world. How about a background check on those running for any public office to see if they uphold Real American values. Communist,Socialist,Muzzie low life’s need not apply.

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