Independence Day vs Biden’s America

America is in serious trouble. The brave Americans who sacrificed blood and treasure to break away from British tyranny would be appalled at the bloated dictatorship called ‘government’.  The current state of affairs in America would have had the Founding Fathers grabbing politicians by the scruff of their neck and the seat of their pants and throwing them out onto the street.

Last year, the Dems used a manufactured crisis to further erode civil liberties.

This year, they’re busy pushing “woke” ideology and  CRT in the schools, the workplace and in the military.  Big Tech is in bed with Big Government in the assault on free speech.

Zuckerberg wants you to report ‘extremists’.

Speaking of extremists, muzzie jihadists now hold political office in this country and are not shy about their intentions.

Biden’s AG wants you to turn in friends and relatives who have opposing political views.

The NSA has turned it’s spying apparatus on American citizens and journalists.

The 2020 election was stolen by fraud, ballot tampering and a cabal of leftwing business and unions that corrupted every aspect of voting.

Patriots who descended on the halls of corruption in D.C. are being vilified and jailed without due process while violent Antifa and BLM thugs, supported by Dems, are set free without consequence.

Republicans and conservatives are targeted by Big Tech and the mainstream liberal media while they ignore the Biden Family Crime Syndicate’s shady deals with the ChiComs and Ukraine.

We are saddled with a White House hijacker who is corrupt, incompetent, a liar, and suffering from dementia. His domestic polices are an epic fail. Foreign enemies like China and even allies are laughing at his bumbling idiocy.

Race is being exploited and used as a political wedge to divide the country into two groups: those that wish to destroy the country with riots, violence, and Marxism, and those who are persecuted for fighting to preserve the freedoms and civil liberties guaranteed by the constitution.

Even Independence Day is being dragged through the sewer of “racist” allegations.  Frederick Douglas didn’t see it that way.

The entrenched leftist cabal in government with the aid of their media tools have declared war on the Constitution and anyone who supports its principles too much for their own good.

Unhinged radicals are revising and rewriting history to suit their cancel culture ambitions.

Whatever happens and how badly, can be blamed squarely on a triad of factors: tyrannical governments that trample individual and civil liberties in the name of “tolerance”, a compliant media, and complacent citizens who are unwilling to stand and fight for their freedoms.



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