Police Officer and Soldiers Wounded During Ft. Hood Terrorist Attack: ‘Obama Betrayed Us’

What do they expect from a SCOAMF who calls a terrorist attack “workplace violence”?

From ABC News

Three years after the White House arranged a hero’s welcome at the State of the Union address for the Fort Hood police sergeant and her partner who stopped the deadly shooting there, Kimberly Munley says Obama broke the promise he made to her that the victims would be well taken care of.

“Betrayed is a good word,” former Sgt. Munley told ABC News in a tearful interview to be broadcast tonight on “World News with Diane Sawyer” and “Nightline.”

“Not to the least little bit have the victims been taken care of,” she said. “In fact they’ve been neglected.”

There was no immediate comment from the White House about Munley’s allegations.

Munley, since laid off from her job with the base’s civilian police force, was shot three times as she and her partner, Sgt. Mark Todd, confronted Hasan, who witnesses said had shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he opened fire on Soldiers being processed for deployment to Afghanistan.

As Munley lay wounded, Todd fired the five bullets credited with bringing Hasan down.

……”These guys play stupid every time they’re asked a question about it, they pretend like they have no clue,” said Shawn Manning, who was shot six times that day at Fort Hood. Two of the bullets remain in his leg and spine, he said.

“It was no different than an insurgent in Iraq or Afghanistan trying to kill us,” said Manning, who was twice deployed to Iraq and had to retire from the military because of his injuries.

…… An Army review board initially classified Manning’s injuries as “combat related,” but that finding was later overruled by higher-ups in the Army.

……”Basically, they’re treating us like I was downtown and I got hit by a car,” he told ABC News.

For Alonzo Lunsford, who was shot seven times at Fort Hood and blinded in one eye, the military’s treatment is deeply hurtful.

“It’s a slap in the face, not only for me but for all of the 32 that wore the uniform that day,” he told ABC News.

Lunsford’s medical records show his injuries were determined to be “in the line of duty” but neither he nor any of the other Soldiers shot or killed at Fort Hood is eligible for the Purple Heart under the Department of Defense’s current policy for decorations and awards.

This is the kind of bullshit that boils my blood:

Army Secretary McHugh says awarding Purple Hearts could adversely affect the trial of Major Hasan.

“To award a Purple Heart, it has to be done by a foreign terrorist element,” said McHugh. “So to declare that soldier a foreign terrorist, we are told, I’m not an attorney and I don’t run the Justice Department, but we’re told would have a profound effect on the ability to conduct the trial.”

I don’t give a fuck what ‘profound effect’ the truth might have on Hasan’s trial.

The Army doesn’t want to admit that Hasan was an enemy combatant at the time he shouted ‘Allah u Akbar” and slaughtered 13 Soldiers in cold blood.  The son of a bitch collaborated with known terrorists like al Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki, and indoctrinated other radical muzzies at Ft. Hood.  But that’s not enough to classify his atrocity, which he carried out for the benefit of the enemy, as an act of war.

We’re dealing with a new regime that has a draft manual for Soldiers instructing them not to criticize Islam or advocate women’s rights,  and will not fight a war against muslim cutthroats who wage war on us.  They created a PC-based fear of raising hell over muslim radicals in the ranks, then looked for scapegoats after Hasan’s Islamic-based rampage.

Ms. Munley learned a hard lesson about Obama’s expertise in exploitation:

Former Sgt. Munley says she now believes the White House used her for political advantage in arranging for her to sit next to Michelle Obama during the President’s State of the Union address in 2010.

Anyone who isn’t enamored with Barack the Magic Negro could have told her that.

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